Best Rice For Long Term Storage And How To Store It

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If you are getting into long-term food storage, you should know that white rice is royalty. You can’t beat rice as a staple survival food if you choose the best rice for long-term storage. So, what is the best rice for long-term storage? The best rice for long-term storage is white rice, specifically long-grain white … Read more

Best Way To Store Rice Long Term (survival and emergency food for shortages)

I recently researched everything white rice to get as much information as possible before purchasing bulk quantities for my family’s long-term food storage. The main thing I discovered, rice is one of the superstars of the prepper pantry. It is a food you should consider storing for emergency preparedness. This article will help you decide … Read more

Best Way To Store Beans Long-term: Emergency Protein

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Knowing how to store beans long-term is essential because proper storage methods can increase shelf life by decades. Dry beans are one of the top emergency foods for storage because they are shelf-stable, non-perishable, and packed with protein and nutrition. The best way to store dry beans long-term is storage in a cool, dry location … Read more

Best Emergency Foods To Stockpile: Pros & Cons

When you first start prepping, choosing the best food for a particular emergency or survival situation can be a little challenging. Following is a basic rundown of the best emergency food supply to fit specific conditions. The bulk of my survival food stash is dry staples that I’ve packaged myself, but there are good reasons … Read more

Storing Rice In Mylar For Long Term Storage

Using Mylar for storing polished rice long-term is hands down the best method of keeping rice for a maximum thirty-year shelf-life. I say this from the point of view of a person who does their own long-term emergency food storage. Professionally packaged rice in #10 cans is also an excellent method of storing rice long-term, … Read more

Storing rice long term: 11 easy steps to maximize shelf life

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Storing rice long-term is essential to build a stockpile of emergency food for long-term storage. Rice is cheap, filling, and readily available, and it will keep for up to 30 years if adequately packaged, use it as a hearty base food for meat, beans, vegetables, and garden produce, and by itself. Equipment List Before storing … Read more

The best non-perishable emergency food

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Non-perishable foods (NPF) are the cornerstone of long-term emergency food storage. If properly packaged, these foods will still be good to eat after decades of storage and they don’t need refrigeration. So, what are NPFs? What are non-perishable foods? Non-perishable foods are dry staples like dry beans, white rice, wheat, and rolled oats that can … Read more

How to store rice for the long term (11 easy steps)

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How to store rice for the long term equates to storing rice in a 5-gallon bucket; it is a simple process. I’ve accumulated hundreds of pounds of rice using food-grade buckets, Mylar bags, and 2000cc oxygen absorbers. It’s easy, believe me; if I can do it, anyone can. To store rice in a 5-gallon bucket … Read more

Best non-perishable food(s) for emergencies

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The best non-perishable food for emergencies has an extended shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration to keep them from spoiling. Take a look at the list of food below and build your short-term emergency food supply for natural and man-made disasters. Let’s examine non-perishable snacks, the first list of emergency foods to store Snackfood Most … Read more

How to Store Rice For the Long-term

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White Rice is one of the best-dried staple foods you can store in long-term storage because it is highly nutritious, versatile, and lasts 30 years or more if packaged correctly. White rice is the backbone of my long-term emergency stores. Keeping rice long-term is simple, but it does need to be repackaged from store-bought packaging … Read more