Cleaning Emergency Water For Survival

Plan to store water for emergencies like power outages, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. Storing water before an impending catastrophe is one of the most important things you can do for your family’s survival. Following is the information I researched for my family’s water storage. I hope this helps you plan for your emergency water … Read more

102 Non-Perishable Foods That Last a Long Time Without Refrigeration

What Are Non-Perishable Foods? Non-perishable, shelf-stable foods don’t require refrigeration and have a long shelf-life ideal for the 72-hour emergency preparedness kit suggested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Top 102 Non-Perishable Foods *Shelf life and calorie information for all foods is provided by the manufacturer, the USDA, or The Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Water … Read more

The Best Way To Store Rice Long Term

I recently researched everything white rice to get as much information as possible before purchasing bulk quantities for my family’s long-term food storage. The main thing I discovered, rice is one of the superstars of the prepper pantry. It is a food you should consider storing for emergency preparedness. This article will help you decide … Read more

Food Grade Plastic For Food Storage: Why You Need It

apples in white food grade buckets

I didn’t think much about food-grade plastics until researching this article. There is a lot to know. Let’s start by defining what it is. Food Grade Plastics are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for direct contact with food and beverage. FDA testing ensures that containers don’t migrate chemicals to food … Read more

Prepper Gifts 2021: Emergency gear you wish you owned

TOP GEAR Times are crazy. Prepping no longer feels like an odd hobby practiced by the paranoid. Many are realizing that preparing for family and national emergencies is just smart. Get friends and family on the high road to personal reliance and preparedness by getting them good gifts that make prepping fun. Training and preparation … Read more

.22lr vs. 9mm For A Bug-out Bag

At first glance, 9mm seems like the clear choice for your bug-out bag 9mm has more kinetic energy, and it is specifically designed for combat, but 9mm ammo is much heavier than .22lr. The issue when choosing between the two calibers is the pack weight. I am not a professional, and I’m siding with 22lr … Read more

Get Your Car Ready For Winter And Survive A Blizzard

Car Driving In Snow

You should avoid travel when a winter storm is on the way, but this isn’t always an option. If you are caught in a bad snowstorm, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for surviving a blizzard in your truck or car. I’m writing this article because my son is heading … Read more