15 Foods to Store for Shortages

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Following is a list of fifteen foods to store for shortages in preparation for empty grocery shelves. None of these foods require refrigeration and they have the longest shelf-life. I’ve seen a lot of lists for food shortages that include perishable foods. I would avoid storing perishables unless they are freeze-dried or canned because they … Read more

18 Places to Keep Emergency Food Storage

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Finding places for emergency food storage can be a challenge if you are limited on storage space. Especially since prime storage location have to be cool, dry, and low in humidity so for many foods an outdoor shed or the garage won’t do. Let’s get down to the list of eighteen places to store emergency … Read more

16 Ways to Prepare for Food Shortages

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Prepare for food shortages because they are high impact and usually accompanied by economic collapse or destabilization of everything else in a country. Planning ahead is the only option because people will panic and quickly pick grocery store shelves clean once things get bad. If you live in the United States and there are food … Read more

How to build a snow shelter for survival

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The winter snow cave is an ideal winter shelter because it is easy to construct, well insulated, and made from natural materials. 7 Steps to Build a Snow Cave Step #1 Find a snowdrift 10 feet deep (snow should be firm). Step #2 Start digging the snow out from the side of the drift. Those … Read more

How to build a shelter in the snow: survival tree pit

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Ready to learn how to build a shelter in the snow? Let’s get to it. Figure #1 Tree Pit Snow Shelter 5 Steps (how to build a shelter in the snow) Why build a tree pit shelter around the base of a tree? Because it provides a 360-degree field of view, you might need it … Read more

Preparing For the Apocalypse: 25 things to do now

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Following are 25 things you can do to improve your chances of survival by preparing for the apocalypse now. Do all this emergency preparation, and your house will be a well-oiled machine in the worst-case scenario. Prepping isn’t just for the end of world scenarios or natural catastrophes. It also makes you safer if you … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Tarp-Tent and Lean-to

tarp shelter

Learn how to build a survival shelter with a few rudimentary tools, and you will have a leg-up is SHTF. Many outdoorsmen, long-distance hikers, and military personnel rely on Tarps for emergency shelter because they are lightweight, can be carried from location to location, and are easy to deploy. The tarp is also excellent when … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Debris Hut

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Building a debris hut is easy and a must-have survival skill because a survival shelter helps you maintain your body temperature and give you a sense of control which is essential in a survival scenario. A survival shelter is used in an emergency to protect the body from the sun’s heat, insects, wind, rain, snow, … Read more

Survival Shelters: Beginner’s Guide

Just in, survival shelters are one of the first things you should prepare for in a survival situation because shelter maintains a healthy body temperature and improves the psychological aspect of survival. So what is a survival shelter? A survival shelter is a temporary structure built to keep you alive in a survival situation. The … Read more

Emergency Water Storage for Societal Collapse

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Have a plan for emergency water storage because societal collapse leads to substantial disrSocietyor the failure of most services, including municipal water supplies. The goal of preparing for this is to have a reliable water source and/or a way to store clean water before SHTF. If I’m honest, my water storage is not up to … Read more