Best Oats for Long-term Storage: Survival Pantry

Hands pouring flour

When choosing the best oats for long-term storage it is important to point out that all types of oats are not equal but they are an awesome addition to your emergency pantry because they are a cornerstone survival food, excellent for food shortages and fighting famine. Rolled Oats are the best oats for long-term storage … Read more

Mylar Food Storage Bags: The Best DIY Food Storage Container For SHTF

sealing a Mylar bag

Ready to learn about the hidden gem of emergency food storage, mylar food storage bags? When combined with oxygen absorbers Mylar bags are one of the best food storage containers because there isn’t a cheaper, more effective way to store dry foods like white rice, beans, wheat, rolled oats, and other famine foods for economic … Read more

The Best Long-term Food Storage Containers: User’s Guide

The best long-term food storage container is a different container than a container that is airtight. Long-term containers do not allow for the transfer of Oxygen inside and outside the container but airtight containers like Tupperware do. The best long-term storage containers don’t just protect against oxygen transfer they also protect against light, moisture, and … Read more

Best Way to Store Ammo for SHTF

Pistol Ammo

Mylar bags are the best way to store ammo for SHTF. I say this because Mylar bags are moisture-proof, and ammo bundled in small Mylar packages and marked with Caliber, and count can easily be moved from one prep plan to the next. One of the best uses is for long-term storage but also use … Read more

Best Food to Stockpile for Food Shortages and Family Emergencies

Menu NO. 20 Spaghetti With Meat Sauce MRE

The best food to stockpile for shortages is non-perishable dry goods like white rice, beans, wheat, and shelf-stable canned foods. The goal is to use these foods to stockpile a minimum of 2000 calories per day to feed each person in your group. I suggest you start by stockpiling a minimum of 180,000 calories each, … Read more

Mylar Bags: Best Long-term Food Storage Container

Mylar bags are the best do-it-yourself long-term food storage container for dry foods like wheat, white rice, rolled oats, and dry beans. They are easy to use, come in all shapes and sizes, and give foods a 20 to 30-year shelf-life when used with oxygen absorbers. All of my dry bulk foods are stored with … Read more

Best Wheat Berries For Bread (long-term storage)

close up of wheat kernels

Wheat berries are a powerhouse of nutrition capable of storing for decades in your emergency pantry. This article is being written as I plan my own emergency grain storage. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful as you plan yours. Let’s take a look at why I think hard white wheat berries are the best … Read more

Should You Freeze Rice Before Long Term Storage?

Ready Squirrel Food Storage Closet

Freezing rice for storage has typically been used to kill bugs, eggs, and pupae in dry rice and other grains before long-term and oxygen-free storage. I think it’s an outdated method because there is an easier method of ensuring you get a thirty-year shelf life out of your emergency rice. Let’s take a look. Preppers … Read more

Inexpensive survival food: 2 best foods for emergency stockpiling

Bag of Jasmine rice and dry beans

Inexpensive survival food stored in bulk won’t break the bank and it is the best survival food you can store long-term. So what is the cheapest survival food, let’s check it out. Inexpensive survival food for long-term emergencies and prepper-type stockpiling are bulk-dry staples like dried beans, white rice, hard wheat, rolled oats, and pasta … Read more

Rice with longest shelf life: Long-term Storage

Enriched Rice and Jasmine Rice

Rice is one of the Rockstars of the prepping world. If your family likes eating rice, adding it to your long-term emergency food storage is an excellent idea. Rice and beans are the bulk of my family’s emergency food store because they are inexpensive and nutritious. Not to mention we love eating them. The type … Read more