Survival Garden: Best Plants To Grow

Apple Orchard

I’m not a master gardener, but I do garden extensively on my three acres.  For the price of a shovel and a pack of seeds, you can start an emergency garden too. In this article, I share what I’ve learned about the best things to grow in your survival garden! I hope that you take … Read more

Why You Need A Good Survival Mindset

Stranded Campfire

Whether you are a soldier in the field or a person experiencing a family emergency, catastrophe or other survival situation having the right mindset is imperative to a positive outcome. . I’ve been through some pretty tough training in the military and the great outdoors, so I know one’s state of mind is crucial to … Read more

Food Grade Plastic For Food Storage: Why You Need It

apples in white food grade buckets

I didn’t think much about food-grade plastics until researching this article. There is a lot to know. Let’s start by defining what it is. Food Grade Plastics are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for direct contact with food and beverage. FDA testing ensures that containers don’t migrate chemicals to food … Read more

Easily Use Bleach To Purify Drinking Water: Survival 101

Clorox Bleach Bottle

Clorox household bleach is a simple method to purify your drinking water in an emergency. It fits the bill if you don’t have a method to boil water or if you need to disinfect large quantities of water. If you are a little nervous about using Clorox to clean your water, know that most federal … Read more

12 Natural Disasters & Hazards You Need To Know About

It’s a good idea to know the natural disasters and hazards so you can prepare an emergency plan. I had my plan in place but had to do another plan when I moved. My biggest threat was surviving a power outage during winter. Now it’s surviving a hurricane. This got me thinking that others might … Read more

104 Skills For Survival

The more self-reliant you are, the better off you will be. 104 skills and practices that will make your life easier in an emergency preparedness situation. Some of these skills are pretty cool. Pursue just 1 of these 104 hobbies, and you can become more active and healthy by improving your state of mind or … Read more

Storing Vegetables Without Refrigeration: 11 Top Tips

Vegetable Market with vege

Why in the world would you want to store your vegetables outside of your refrigerator? Well, what if your power goes out? Your living off-grid. Or, like me, you have a family-sized refrigerator that seems to shrink as time passes. Whatever your reasons, you can get shelf-life out of most vegetables when stored at room … Read more

Long Term Food Storage: 35 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

You’re not crazy for storing survival food   Emergency food storage has fallen out of fashion over the last century, but the dependence on modern conveniences has made us more susceptible to going hungry if SHTF. If the trucks stopped delivering food to the grocery store, many of us would be in a world of hurt.   … Read more

21 Emergency Water Storage Containers: For SHTF

Choosing water containers for your emergency water supply can be a real headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Your emergency water supply can be as simple as store-bought water bottles. Every method of water storage has pluses and minuses. Depending on your budget and storage requirements, there is a water container that’s perfect for … Read more

What Is A Meal Ready To Eat (MRE-Military Combat Ration)

MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) may seem complicated, but they aren’t. The main entree is processed similarly to how grandma used to can vegetables from the garden; the packaging is just different. What Is An MRE? An MRE (Meal Ready To Eat) is the U.S. Military’s current combat ration, a shelf-stable, self-contained, pre-cooked meal with … Read more