Does Sugar Last Forever? (Top Disaster Food)

Sugar is an excellent food to store for long-term food emergencies. You can use it to flavor baked goods and preserve and ferment bounties of fruit that would otherwise go bad in the cellar. It’s an excellent apocalypse food.

Sugar, specifically white granulated Sugar, will never go bad because it won’t let microbes or bacteria growth. If it isn’t stored correctly, the sugar quality will decline but still be edible as long as it isn’t mixed or contaminated with other foods that spoil.

What Affects the Quality of Sugar?

Sugar quality can be affected by pantry bugs, absorption of flavors from the food around it, or from moisture which causes clumping. Even if the quality is reduced, Sugar can still be used, but you can side-step reduction in quality by storing Sugar properly in an airtight container.

How do I store Sugar?

Store Sugar in an airtight container, and it will last forever. To be clear, we are talking about white granulated Sugar, not brown Sugar. Brown Sugar has a limited shelf-life of one year if stored in an airtight container.

Store sugar in an airtight container in a cool, dry space to avoid moisture, flavor absorption, and bug infestation. It will last indefinitely (forever) stored this way.

Should I store Sugar in Mylar Bags?

Sugar does not need to be stored in Mylar bags, but it is an option. The good thing about sealed Mylar bags is that they are a proper moisture barrier, which will keep your Sugar dry.

Another excellent method of storing Sugar is a clean five-gallon, food-grade bucket with an airtight lid. This is how I keep most of my bulk Sugar.

Mylar bags are harder to find these days, but a clean 5-gallon pale can be picked up at a big box store for less than $5.00, and it gets the job done. Food-grad buckets are also easy to store because they can be stacked and repurposed for other food-grade tasks like fermenting and pickling.

Air is mostly nitrogen and oxygen; neither of these gases affects the quality of Sugar. Moisture, bugs, and Sugar absorbing the flavor of other foods in the pantry are all you have to worry about protecting Sugar from. Oxygen does ruin most other foods, so sugar and salt are the exceptions to the rule regarding long-term food storage and Oxygen.

Should I Store Sugar Oxygen-free?

Do not store sugar oxygen-free. Sugar stored in an oxygen-free environment will turn to stone. The Sugar will still be edible, but when you open the oxygen-free container, the Sugar will be a five-gallon-sized sugar cube that you’ll have to break apart to use.

6 Reasons Sugar Is Outstanding for Long-term storage

Sugar is one of the best staple foods you can store for long-term emergencies. It’s cheap, lasts forever, is helpful as a preservative, and is excellent for bartering when the currency goes belly up.

  1. Sugar is antimicrobial, so no microbes or bacteria won’t spoil it
  2. Sugar has an indefinite shelf life (forever)
  3. Sugar preserves other food
  4. Sugar is high calorie
  5. Sugar is inexpensive
  6. Sugar is easy to store in bulk
  7. Sugar is used to ferment fruits and vegetables

Storage Tip: If you are interested in stockpiling Sugar, you should also check out storing Salt in bulk. Check out the Ready Squirrel article, How much salt to store for Long term Survival?