Cost To Feed One Person For A Year: Apocalypse Food

How much it costs to feed a person for a year depends on the types of food you store. Yeah, a little obvious. This article will look at the cost of shelf-stable canned foods, dry foods, and professionally packaged emergency food kits to see what it would cost to feed one person for a year. I hope this information gets you motivated to start preparing for any emergencies that come your way.

Enough Shelf Stable Food For One Year

How much does it cost to feed one person for a year?

It costs $5215.83 to feed one person for a year with canned meat, fruit, vegetables, and other shelf-stable foods to attain 962,880 annual calories or 2,638 calories daily. Well above the FDA minimum requirement of 730,000 or 2000 calories per day.  

See Chart #1 below for the breakdown of cost and calories for the one-year food supply.

Chart #1 is an essential list of shelf-stable food to give a feel for what a year’s food supply from the grocery store would cost and see how it looks. You can easily substitute other shelf-stable foods to develop a list that fits your tastes and needs.

You can also decrease the amount of food to create a 72 hour or 2-week food supply suggested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Ready to start preparing for hyperinflation or economic collapse? Read on.

Chart 1 Shelf Stable Food For One Person: Cost 2021

Food Type
# Of Containers
Container Size Calories
Per Container
Publix CostWalmart
Winn-Dixie Cost Average CostTotal Cost
Dak Canned Ham 3616oz can 80028,800NA*$11.77NA*$11.77423.72
Dinty Moore Beef Stew36 15oz can2007,200$2.49$2.12$2.69$ 2.43$ 87.48
Hormel Corned Beef Hash3614oz can 114041,040$ 2.79 $2.74 $3.31 $2.94 $105.84
Progresso Beef Pot Roast Soup3618.5oz can 220 7920$2.99$1.68$3.49$2.72$97.92
Spam Classic3612oz can 1,08038,880$2.87$3.38$4.09$3.44$123.94
Hormel Hot Chili With Beans3615oz can 70025,200$2.79$2.74$2.99$2.84$102.24
Keystone All Natural Beef3628oz can 98035,280NA$8.12 NA$8.12$292.32
Keystone All Natural Pork3628oz can 980 35,280 NA$7.48NA$7.48$269.28
Keystone All Natural Turkey3628oz can 980 35,280 NA$6.88NA$6.88$247.68
Nabisco Saltine Crackers3616oz box 196070,560$3.35$2.88$4.09$3.44$123.84
Ritz Crackers36 11.8oz box168060,480$5.95$3.56$5.29$4.93$177.48
Jif Peanut Butter3616oz 266095,760$2.872.28$2.99$2.71$97.56
Cliff Builder Protein Bar1801 bar 29052,200NA$2.62$1.99$2.30$414.00
Pop-Tarts Breakfast Pastries18013.5oz box740133,200$2.582.08$2.69$2.45$441.00
Power Bar Protein Plus1801 bar 21037,800N/A$1.16$1.19$1.17$210.60
DelMonte Canned Sliced Peaches
(heavy syrup)
12015.25oz can35042,000$1.91$1.76$2.39$2.02$242.40
DelMonte Fruit Cocktail
(heavy syrup)
12015.25oz can35042,000$1.91$1.76$1.99$1.88$225.60
DelMonte Canned Pears12015.25oz can35042,000$1.91$1.76$1.99$1.88$225.60
DelMonte Canned Corn12015.25oz can21025,200$1.91$1.76$1.99$1.88$225.60
DelMonte Green Beans12014.5oz can 708,400$1.43$1.18$1.59$1.40$168.00
DelMonte Mixed Vegetables12014.5oz can15718,840$1.79$1.18$1.59$1.52$182.40
Ocean Spray Craisins3624oz bag221079,560$8.585.889.59$8.01$288.36
Daily Multi-Vitamin365365 Tabs
four 100 tab bottles
Fresh Potable Water 365gl 1gl$1.15$.98$1.19$1.10$401.50
Total Annual Cost962,880$5,215.83
CaloriesTaken From Manufacturer Packaging, Prices From online retailer.

Chart 2 Shelf Stable Food Cost & Calorie Breakdown

Total Annual Calories Provided Chart #1962,880
FDA Suggested Minimum Annual Calories730,000
Chart #1 Daily Calories Provided2,638
FDA Suggested Minimum Daily Calories2000
Total Cost$5215.83
CaloriesTaken From Manufacturer Packaging, Prices From online retailers and do not include shipping or taxes.

For an in-depth look at calorie counts and long-term food storage, check out the Ready Squirrel article, “How Much Food To Stockpile Per Person.”

Sufficient Dry Staple Food For One Year: Cost 2021

Dry Foods are, in my opinion, the cheapest, most effective emergency food for long-term storage. They are excellent for maximum shelf-life and nutrition, and they have proven, over thousands of years, that they can keep folks alive during hard times.

How Much Does it Cost To Feed One Person for A Year on dry staple food?

As of 2021, it costs $1,962 .52 U.S. dollars to feed one person for a year with dry staple foods such as beans, polished white rice, wheat berries, and rolled oats.

The list of foods in charts #2 and #3 will provide 2000 calories per day for one person for 365 days.

Suppose you choose to go with dry emergency foods. In that case, I suggest supplementing with canned meat, fruit, and vegetables to improve nutrition and daily calorie count and fill the need for short-term emergency food for a 72 hour to a 2-week emergency kit.

Chart 2 Enough Dry Staple Food For One Person

Dry Staple Emergency
Food For One Year
Amount For one year supply for one
Cost Per Pound
Cost Per Pound
Online Store

#10 cans
Cost Per Pound
Cost Per Pound AverageTotal Cost
Hard White Wheat Berries132 lbs$1.95$1.63$1.10$1.56$205.92
Long Grain White Rice65 lbs.72$1.16$1.47$1.12$72.80
Rolled Oats29 lbs$1.70$1.57$2.05$1.77$51.33
Pasta (macaroni)21 lbs.82$1.09$1.79$1.23 $25.83
(Navy Beans)
(Beans, Split peas, Lentils)
62 lbs$1.78$1.95$1.65$1.80$111.60
Powdered Nonfat-Dry
62 lbs$5.00$8.49$5.07$6.18$383.16
White Table Sugar70 lbs$1.95.80$1.65$1.46$102.20
Dried Apple Slices6 lbs$9.49$9.39$11.67$10.18$61.08
Dried Carrots 8 lbs$8.88$4.62$6.75$54.00
Potato Flakes22 lbs$3.60$3.07$4.51$3.72$81.84
Dried Onions 2.1 lbs$7.19$4.32$4.35$5.28$11.10
Iodized Salt8 lbs$$7.84
Baking Soda1 lb.
Baking Powder4 lb$2.24$3.64$2.94$11.76
Vitamin C tablet (90 mg)365 Tablets$26.99$26.99$26.99$26.99
Total Cost$1208.36
Information Compliments of BYU Education, Prices are from online retailers and do not include shipping, sales tax, or additional fees.

Learn how to package dry foods for long-term storage. Check out the Ready Squirrel article, “Mylar Bags For Food Storage: Beginner’s Guide.”

Chart #3 Enough Short Shelf-Life Foods

Include these short-term food items in your pantry along with dry staples. Storing foods with a short shelf-life is a necessary evil of long-term storage. You need the following items to make exciting recipes with dry staples like wheat, white rice, and dry beans.

Short-term food items with a short shelf-life
Amount Per Person Per Year Store 1
Cost Per Pound
Store 2
Cost Per Pound
Cost Per Pound Average Total Cost
Olive Oil2 gallons $11.90 $14.72$13.31$26.62
Shortening 3 lbs$2.96$2.37$2.66$8.88
Butter (freeze)6 lbs$3.76$3.69$3.72$22.32
Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing3 quarts$3.48$3.79$3.63$10.89
Peanut Butter And Nut Butters6 lbs$2.89$3.44$3.16$18.96
Dry Drink Mixes (Tang)18 lbs $9.21$8.96$9.08$163.44
Spices (estimate)$100.00
Powdered Eggs for baking 6 lbs$21.99$25.24$23.61$141.66
Yeast or Make Levain
For Free
2 lbs $18.50$10.99$14.74$29.48
Sweeteners (Honey) 10 lbs$6.33$9.65$7.99$79.90
Canned Fruit Preserves8 lbs$10.24$11.07$10.65$85.20
Dried Fruit Mix (Baker’s)1 lb$21.95$39.68$30.81$30.81
Short-term Food Cost$718.16
Dry Staple Cost
See Chart 3
Total Cost For One Year$ 1926.52
Information Compliments of BYU Education Prices from Amazon and do not include shipping, sales tax, or additional fees.

One Year Survival Food Kits: Cost 2021

As I’m writing this article in 2021, most emergency food kits are out of stock, and Augason Farms isn’t making any more emergency food until next year because they can’t get the materials to process.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed One Person For A Year With An Emergency Food Kit?

It costs, on average, $4661.80 to feed one person for a year with a professionally packaged emergency food kit(s).

Professionally packaged emergency food like Mountain House freeze-dried meals are outstanding for emergencies where weight is a concern. Consider purchasing small quantities for bugging out on foot or in a vehicle.

Storage tip: Purchase meals and test them before buying in bulk.

Chart 4 Survival Food Kits: Cost 2021

Company NameCost of One Year Emergency Food SupplyDaily CaloriesKit Calories*
Mountain House$7,829.001,724629,260
A-Pac MRE Self-heating
4Patriots Supply$2,987.002,000730,000+
My Patriot
Ready Hour
Valley Food Storage$5,599.001551566,400
Costco Wholesale
Mountain House 1 year
Augason Farms Deluxe
$1,290.001,700620,500$7,059.48 (one month kit $588.29 x12)N/AN/A
Emergency Essentials
Rainy Day Foods$2330.991,214443,110
Legacy Food Storage$5,299.002,365863,280$7,499.001,938707,512
*Minimum calories for a year supply for one person according to the FDA 730,000 Per year and 365 gallons of water

Average Cost Of One Year Emergency Food Kit$4661.80