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Store Water For Emergency: Staying hydrated when SHTF

Grocery store aisle of bottle water

Plan to store water for emergencies like power outages, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. Storing water before an impending catastrophe is one of the most important things you can do for your family’s survival. Following is the information I researched for my family’s water storage. I hope this helps you plan for your emergency water … Read more

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5 Methods to Purify Drinking Water In Emergencies

Clorox Bleach Bottle

Bleach is a simple method to purify your drinking water in an emergency. If you don’t have a method to boil water for disinfection or large quantities of water need disinfecting it is the best choice for cleaning emergency drinking water. If you are nervous about using Clorox to clean your water, know that federal … Read more

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21 Emergency Water Storage Container Ideas For SHTF

Pouring water into a glass

Choosing water containers for your emergency water supply can be a real headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Your emergency water supply can be as simple as store-bought water bottles. Every method of water storage has pluses and minuses. Depending on your budget and storage requirements, there is a water container that’s perfect for … Read more