How to Build a Snow-Cave Survival Shelter

snow cave

The winter snow cave is an ideal winter shelter because it is easy to construct, well insulated, and made from natural materials. How to Build a Snow Cave In 7 Steps Step #1 Find a snowdrift 10 feet deep (snow should be firm). Step #2 Start digging the snow out from the side of the … Read more

How To Build a Tree Pit Snow-Shelter

camping in the snow

If you are in a cold, snow-covered area where evergreen trees grow and have a diggingtool, you can make a tree-pit shelter. This type of shelter is temporary and is used primarily to reduce the risk of exposure in a survival situation. Ideally, you would use an a-frame or a lean-to and build a fire … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Tarp-Tent and Lean-to

tarp shelter

Learn how to build a survival shelter with a few rudimentary tools, and you will have a leg-up is SHTF. Many outdoorsmen, long-distance hikers, and military personnel rely on Tarps for emergency shelter because they are lightweight, can be carried from location to location, and are easy to deploy. The tarp is also excellent when … Read more