29 Uses For Paracord In A Bug Out Bag (Survival Cord)

Paracord is a great tool to keep in a bug-out bag because it is flexible and can be used in so many survival scenarios. The most common uses for paracord in a bug out bag are for shelter building, but it has many more benefits. With paracord, a survival knife, and found materials make just … Read more

.22lr vs. 9mm For A Bug-out Bag

At first glance, 9mm seems like the clear choice for your bug-out bag 9mm has more kinetic energy, and it is specifically designed for combat, but 9mm ammo is much heavier than .22lr. The issue when choosing between the two calibers is the pack weight. I am not a professional, and I’m siding with 22lr … Read more

Can You Store Ammo In Mylar Bags?

You can expect well-stored ammo to last 50+ years as long as you keep moisture away from the cartridges. I wasn’t so sure if Mylar would work for ammo, so I did some research. Here is what I learned. Mylar protects ammunition from oxygen, water, light, vapors, and chemicals. When sealed, it provides a waterproof … Read more

16 Elements Of A Bug-Out-Bag: Bugging Out On Foot

The Bug-out bag (BOB), also called an INCH bag or Go Bag is a pre-packed emergency backpack filled with food, water, shelter, clothing, and equipment, a survival kit for walking away from a natural or manmade disaster. The bag should be pre-packed so you can hit the ground running. A Bug-out-bag bag should provide enough … Read more

26 Ways to Prepare For Societal Collapse

Prepare to survive social and economic collapse under conditions that resemble a Mad Max movie. No laws, No Law enforcement, No public services, No supply chains, and currency devaluation. An environment of chaos and unpredictability where the only thing between surviving or not is your preparation. Use the following 26 concepts to prepare you and … Read more

What Is Emergency Prepping?

We don’t have a crystal ball, so we never know when an emergency or natural catastrophe will raise its ugly head. One of the scariest things that could happen during hard-times is running out of food, water, or the supplies you depend on. Prepping for a survival situation is to store food, water, supplies, and … Read more

Bug-out Definition: Emergency Prepping

The term Bug-out was first used by U.S. troops during WWII but didn’t become common military slang until the Korean War during this period it meant to leave a location quickly when being over-run my enemy forces. In preppers it’s a little different but the same concept. A bug-out situation in prepping occurs when a … Read more

Type of Knife Best for Survival: Not The Best Knife

If you depend on one knife to survive, it must be a jack of all trades, both versatile and practical. One knife is all you have, so it’s got to fill every role. A survival knife is a personal choice. You will hear a million different opinions on which knife is the best, but if … Read more

Survival Clothing Guide: Layering For Survival

After water, clothing is the most crucial thing in your bug-out bag. When trekking out of an emergency on foot, suitable clothing can mean the difference between life and death. The Kind of clothing you pick for survival is determined by your climate and the time of year, but the concept is the same regardless … Read more