Storing Wheat To Outlast You

In the United States, Wheat stored for long-term storage is wheat berries, wheat kernels with the husk removed. Removing the husk also removes fats, lipids, and oils that reduce shelf-life. I’ve used hard white Wheat to make homemade bread and pasta, but it has many more uses than that. Removing the husk doesn’t detract from … Read more

Flour Or Wheat: Maximum Shelf-life

What is the maximum shelf-life of flour and wheat? That is what you should be asking yourself if you want to be food prepping rockstar. Wheat flour is convenient because it is available almost anywhere but is it the best fit for your survival? Wheat berries are harder to find and take a lot more … Read more

Is Wheat Still Good?

How can you tell if your wheat or wheat berries are still good? Wheat with the husk removed, also called wheat berries is one of the best long-term survival foods you can store so it’s worth taking care of it. So how can you tell if it’s still good? Wheat berries are still good if … Read more

Wheat Storage: Long Term Survival Food

With proper storage, you can preserve wheat for 30 plus years. That’s 3 decades. The most important factor of wheat storage is an oxygen-free environment, and for that, we need to repackage the wheat. Wheat berries are best stored in long-term storage by re-packaging them into containers that protect them from oxygen, moisture, heat, light, … Read more

Wheat Berries Shelf Life: Long & Short Term Storage

Storing wheat berries short term is an excellent way to mill your own flour for healthier baked goods, but they are also considered a bedrock staple for long-term storage and emergency food supplies. My family uses wheat for both purposes. It’s a good idea to bake with home-milled flour before you depend on it for … Read more

Wheat VS Flour In Long Term Food Storage

Wheat is the cornerstone of any long-term food pantry. You just have to decide what form of wheat fills that niche. The majority of my survival wheat is wheat berries (whole wheat kernels), not flour because wheat offers superior flexibility, shelf-life, and nutrition. Wheat berries are superior to flour for long-term storage. Cook wheat whole, … Read more

How To Use Wheat Berries: long term food storage

You’ve stored your family’s emergency wheat supply, but how the heck are you going to use it? Get ready to eat some delicious meals. Learn to use wheat by trying your hand at homemade pasta, pie crust, leavened bread, wheat porridge, soups, and stews. Use wheat from long-term storage by cooking it whole or by … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Grind Wheat By Hand: milling & storing

I recently purchased a Country Living Grain mill for grinding dried goods like wheat and dried beans from my emergency food supply. This article covers how long it took me to grind hard white winter wheat from a #10 can into a fine flour. It was brutal to mill that much wheat in one go. … Read more

Mill Wheat In A Blender If You Must

Blenders aren’t designed for grinding wheat, but they do a surprisingly good job getting it done. A mill designed to mill flour will last longer and do a better job, but you can grind wheat berries into whole wheat flour with a blender. My Country Living Grain Mill is hand-cranked and a tremendous amount of … Read more

Will Canned Wheat Sprout?

A follower on YouTube recently asked if wheat stored in a #10 can sprout. This question motivated me to try it and see. It’s much easier than I imagined. Canned wheat will sprout for up to 25 years, as will wheat berries stored in any sealed oxygen-free container kept in a cool, dry, dark location. … Read more