Supreme Long Term Food Storage Containers & Gear

TOP GEAR The storage containers you use for long-term food storage really matter when it comes to the shelf-life of dry staples. . This article covers a list of premium containers and the tools you need to store massive amounts of dry staple foods like white rice, wheat, dry beans, rolled oats, and pasta for … Read more

Food For Shortages: Catastrophe Stockpile

Get ready for the possibility of food shortages and start stockpiling food. Worst case scenario, you save money on your food budget and have a solid hoard of food for family emergencies and other catastrophes. Keep in mind that economic collapse, hyperinflation, and currency devaluation might mean that food is available but unaffordable. It’s not … Read more

Foods That Will Last 30 Years

This article covers the cornerstone survival foods with a shelf life from 30 years to indefinite, these hardy foods have proven they can keep civilizations going when times get tough. I’m building the bulk of my long-term emergency food with these dry staples and I suggest you do also. The main drawback to these foods … Read more

Cost To Feed One Person For A Year: Apocalypse Food

How much it costs to feed a person for a year depends on the types of food you store. Yeah, a little obvious. This article will look at the cost of shelf-stable canned foods, dry foods, and professionally packaged emergency food kits to see what it would cost to feed one person for a year. … Read more

How Much Survival Food Do I Need?

How much survival food you need depends on the type of emergency or survival scenario you are most likely to encounter, the number of people in your survival group, and each individual’s age, sex, and activity level. Let’s look at some of my research on how much emergency food to stockpile. You need enough survival … Read more

How Much Food For A Year: Proven Dry Staples

Store food for a year. Store a lot of food. Don’t worry about guns, beans, or bullets until you have long-term emergency food in order. As I write this, there are 9 million people in Venezuela that are food insecure or malnourished, and according to, Venezuela is on the brink of famine. How Much … Read more

Storing Wheat To Outlast You

In the United States, Wheat stored for long-term storage is wheat berries, wheat kernels with the husk removed. Removing the husk also removes fats, lipids, and oils that reduce shelf-life. I’ve used hard white Wheat to make homemade bread and pasta, but it has many more uses than that. Removing the husk doesn’t detract from … Read more

Store Bulk Beans Like a Rockstar

Beans are among the best foods you can store in bulk to build up a massive stockpile of emergency food for long-term national disasters, civil unrest, and family emergencies. I have over 200 pounds of pinto and black beans stored in my pantry. After a lot of research, I found the easiest and most effective … Read more

Non-Perishable Emergency Food: Grub With The Longest Shelf-life

Non-perishable foods(NPF) are the cornerstone of long-term emergency food storage. Most of the store a decade to infinity and beyond. Among them are foods that have been tried and tested for thousands of years; they are the best foods you can stockpile because they last for decades and don’t require rotation. I have 100s of … Read more

Shelf Stable Food: 193 Emergency Edibles

When I think of shelf-stable foods for emergencies like natural or man-made disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, or forest fires, the first thing that comes to mind is hearty canned food like soups, stews, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Shelf-stable food also includes any other edible that can sit in the pantry without refrigeration, ready to … Read more