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Preparing For the Apocalypse: 25 things to do now

man in riot gear

Following are 25 things you can do to improve your chances of survival by preparing for the apocalypse now. Do all this emergency preparation, and your house will be a well-oiled machine in the worst-case scenario. Prepping isn’t just for the end of world scenarios or natural catastrophes. It also makes you safer if you … Read more

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Emergency Water Storage for Societal Collapse

Water Well

Have a plan for emergency water storage because societal collapse leads to substantial disrSocietyor the failure of most services, including municipal water supplies. The goal of preparing for this is to have a reliable water source and/or a way to store clean water before SHTF. If I’m honest, my water storage is not up to … Read more

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Food Shortages: Catastrophe Stockpile

Get ready for the possibility of food shortages and start stockpiling food. Worst case scenario, you save money on your food budget and have a solid hoard of food for family emergencies and other catastrophes. Keep in mind that economic collapse, hyperinflation, and currency devaluation might mean that food is available but unaffordable. It’s not … Read more

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What Would Societal Collapse Look Like: End Game

two boys eating soup

Typically societal collapse is a long slow decline, but exceptions exist. For instance, warfare, drought, large-scale natural disasters, totalitarianism, lack of personal freedom, or terrorism can quickly bring on societal collapse. The main reason I say this is because a majority of the people in the western world provide for themselves by doing jobs that … Read more

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6 Realistic Societal Collapse Scenarios

survivalist with gas mask pointing a pistol

You can’t get more realistic Societal Collapse Scenarios than the ones listed below. Why? Because they happened. The examples aren’t the zombie apocalypse, but they might as well be when you look at the death tolls from war, famine, disease, genocide, and poor living conditions. Because my writing leans towards survival and emergency preparedness, I’m … Read more

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Society Collapse: 5 Indications that Rome is Burning

Soldier walking through fire

With society’s collapse, all bets are off, and survival isn’t guaranteed even for the prepared. The most likely collapse scenario in the Western World is financial collapse. A consumerist society greased by a global financial system teetering on the edge of the abyss. I am not a professional scientist or a specialist in Collapsology, but … Read more

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Food for Shortages: Top 37 to Stockpile

#10 cans and other emergency food

This is a monster list of 37 “best food for shortages,” or societal collapse. The list is made up of mostly dry staple food that does not require refrigeration and has a very long shelf-life. Staple foods like rice, beans, and wheat are proven famine food and they are the cheapest, most effective way of … Read more

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Food for the Collapse: Top 5 to Stockpile

The possibility of Societal upheaval is a solid reason to start stockpiling food for the collapse. Dry staples like white rice, dry beans, grain, canned and freeze-dried foods, and produce preserved from a survival garden will keep you sustained when the supply chain breaks down. There is a distinct possibility that we will face economic … Read more

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Choosing A Bug Out Location

Choosing a bug out location is an important step toward surviving an apocalyptic event such as a societal collapse. Your bug-out location could be the home you already live in, an apartment, or a family retreat. I just moved to the Florida panhandle, so I’ve been looking for land for a bug out location. It … Read more

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Societal Collapse: The Road to Self-Reliance

Try to imagine what self-reliance means during a major catastrophe like societal collapse. The worst-case scenario has you providing everything for yourself. Start preparing for collapse by getting survival food, water, and shelter in order and honing your other survival skills. Focus on doing things without electricity or running water. Plan as if all civilized … Read more