Societal Collapse: Emergency Water Sources And Storage

Water Well

A significant collapse leads to substantial disruption or the failure of most services. If Society collapses, you better have a reliable water source or a way to store it before things kick off. This includes the electricity used to move water and run treatment plants. You can probably kiss municipal water goodbye if SHTF. Please. … Read more

Realistic Societal Collapse Scenarios

survivalist with gas mask pointing a pistol

You can’t get more realistic Societal Collapse Scenarios than the ones listed below. Why? Because they are real scenarios. The examples aren’t the zombie apocalypse, but they might as well be when you look at the death tolls from war, famine, disease, genocide, and poor living conditions. Because my writing leans towards survival and emergency … Read more

What Happens When Society Collapses?

Soldier walking through fire

When societies collapse all bets are off, survival isn’t guaranteed even for the prepared. The most likely collapse scenario in the Western World is financial collapse. A consumerist society greased by a global financial system teetering on the edge of the abyss. I am not a professional scientist or a specialist in Collapsology, but it … Read more

Societal Collapse: 36 Top Foods For Storage

#10 cans and other emergency food

This is a warrior-sized list of the thirty-six top foods for societal collapse. Staples for hardcore long-term SHTF food storage. True bunker foods that give you leverage by stretching your dollar through DIY bulk food storage. Dry staples are the cheapest, most effective way of storing thousands of emergency calories quickly. I did not include … Read more

Food for the Collapse: Top 4 to Stockpile

The possibility of Societal collapse is a solid reason to start stockpiling food for the apocalypse. Dry staples like white rice, dry beans, grain, canned and freeze-dried foods, and produce preserved from a survival garden will keep you sustained when the supply chain breaks down. These 4 major types of food have a 5 to … Read more

Survive Societal Collapse: Guide To Picking A Bug Out Location

If you want to survive a societal collapse, start looking for a bug-out location, preferably to move there full-time. I just moved to the Florida panhandle, so I’m on the hunt for a new bug-out location. After doing hours of research on the internet, I concluded that there isn’t a perfect bug-out location, but some … Read more

Societal Collapse: The Road to Self-Reliance

Try to imagine what self-reliance means during a major catastrophe like societal collapse. The worst-case scenario has you providing everything for yourself. Start preparing for collapse by getting survival food, water, and shelter in order and honing your other survival skills. Focus on doing things without electricity or running water. Plan as if all civilized … Read more

26 Ways to Prepare For Societal Collapse

Man standing in an empty train car

Prepare to survive social and economic collapse under conditions that resemble a Mad Max movie. No laws, No Law enforcement, No public services, No supply chains, and currency devaluation. An environment of chaos and unpredictability where the only thing between surviving or not is your preparation. Use the following 26 concepts to prepare you and … Read more

Surviving the Apocalypse: 93 Skills For Societal Collapse

Firing Pistol at outdoor range

A list of ninety-three skills for surviving the apocalypse and societal collapse. By becoming as independent of the system as possible you will have a leg up when and if the United States suffers an economic collapse or the failure of our food system. These skills are more valuable than gold for surviving independently from … Read more