29 Uses For Paracord In A Bug Out Bag (Survival Cord)

Yellow Paracord

Paracord is a great tool to keep in a bug-out bag because it is flexible and can be used in so many survival scenarios. The most common uses for paracord in a bug out bag are for shelter building, but it has many more benefits. With paracord, a survival knife, and found materials make just … Read more

How Big Should a Bug Out Bag Be: The Real Answer

Girl wearing backpack on an empty road

A bug out bag is a backpack filled with all the equipment needed to survive escaping danger on foot. The size of the bag matters because a bag laden with too much gear will slow you down and burn you out. I have experience hiking 10 to 20 miles with heavy packs, which sucks. How … Read more

What is a Bug-out bag: Survival 101

Man wearing a backpack

Building a bug-out bag for everyone in a survival group is integral to being ready for disaster. Each person in your group should have survival gear pre-staged in a bag so they can grab it and run out the door. The ultimate goal of having a bug-out bag is to move away from danger as … Read more

How To Store Food In Buckets For Maximum Shelf-life

Food in buckets

Most of my DIY food storage is in 5-gallon food-grade buckets because buckets are the cheapest, most effective way to store hundreds of pounds of dry staple food quickly and effectively. Buckets are tough, stackable, and relatively inexpensive but it is important to note, especially for preppers working on long-term food storage, that food will … Read more

26 Things To Prepare For the Apocalypse

man in riot gear

Following are 26 things you can do to improve your chances of survival if things head south. Do all of this emergency preparation, and the worst-case scenario is that your house will be a well-oiled machine. Prepping isn’t just for the end of the world scenarios or natural catastrophes. Preparedness also puts you in a … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Debris Hut

debris hut

Knowing how to build a rudimentary survival shelter from natural materials is one of those must-have survival skills. Without shelter, it isn’t easy to maintain your core body temperature. A survival shelter is used in an emergency to protect the body from the sun’s heat, insects, wind, rain, snow, and fluctuations in temperature. Let’s get … Read more

Shelters For Survival: Beginner’s Guide

A Survival Shelter is one of the first things you should prepare for in a survival situation. What is a survival shelter? A survival shelter is a simple shelter made from natural or manufactured materials. Its purpose is to keep you alive until you are rescued or reach a safe location with more substantial protection. … Read more

What Is Emergency Prepping?

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We don’t have a crystal ball, so we never know when an emergency or natural catastrophe will raise its ugly head. One of the scariest things that could happen during hard-times is running out of food, water, or the supplies you depend on. Prepping for a survival situation is to store food, water, supplies, and … Read more

Survival Clothing Guide: Layering For Survival

boots in snow looking back on a trail

After water, clothing is the most crucial thing in your bug-out bag. When trekking out of an emergency on foot, suitable clothing can mean the difference between life and death. The Kind of clothing you pick for survival is determined by your climate and the time of year, but the concept is the same regardless … Read more

Emergency Water: Beginners Survival Guide

Grocery store aisle of bottle water

Plan to store water for emergencies like power outages, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. Storing water before an impending catastrophe is one of the most important things you can do for your family’s survival. Following is the information I researched for my family’s water storage. I hope this helps you plan for your emergency water … Read more