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What is IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Military medics pulling injured person

What is an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)? IFAK is an Individual or Improved First Aid Kit used to treat a specific type of wound or trauma, including major hemorrhaging and loss of breath. IFAKS are carried by infantry and special warfare units to treat injuries caused by shrapnel, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and gunshot … Read more

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Poop Bucket In 7 Easy Steps (DIY)

poop bucket

The poop bucket is for maintaining sanitation when you are without water to flush and can also be used temporarily off-grid or as a camp poop bucket. I admit it pooping in a bucket is gross, but it’s much less gross than filling up a toilet that won’t flush during an emergency like a hurricane … Read more

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Best Way to Store Ammo for SHTF

Pistol Ammo

Mylar bags are the best way to store ammo for SHTF. I say this because Mylar bags are moisture-proof, and ammo bundled in small Mylar packages and marked with Caliber, and count can easily be moved from one prep plan to the next. One of the best uses is for long-term storage but also use … Read more

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How To Use Wheat Berries In Food Storage (And Other Uses For Prepping)

Wheat is outstanding survival food, but you may be wondering how to use wheat berries in food storage. The simple answer is wheat berries are unmilled flour, so you can do anything with wheat berries you can do with flour, and they can be milled into flour, sprouted, planted, and eaten whole. I’ve personally made … Read more

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How to Soften Beans: 10 Ways To Tenderize Old Dried Beans

bagged beans in storage

Want to know how to soften old dried beans, take a look at the top 10 ways to tenderize them in the article below. To learn the specifics of tendering old beans, continue reading. #1 Soften Beans With A Pressure Cooker (soften dried beans) Soften old dry beans to make them edible by cooking them … Read more

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Dried Field Corn In The Pantry: How to store it

Hanging corn to dry

Dried field corn is a grain. It isn’t sweet corn we slather butter on and eat at BBQs. The most common type is Yellow field corn, also known as Dent corn, which is a fantastic addition to your cache of survival food because it has an excellent shelf-life and can be ground into flour to … Read more

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How Much Snow Is On My Roof: Snow Calculation And Cleaning

roof collapses from weight of snow

If you live in a winter wonderland, you should learn to calculate how much of that fluffy awesomeness is on your roof. Snow is lightweight, or so it would seem, but two feet of snow on your roof is roughly 19 tons of additional weight. Most roofs take a lot of weight. Regardless, building codes … Read more

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What Is Prepping? (11 Key Concepts)

amusement park fire

We don’t have a crystal ball, so we never know when an emergency or natural catastrophe will raise its ugly head. One of the scariest things that could happen during hard times is running out of food, water, or the supplies you depend on. What is prepping? Prepping for a survival situation is taking action … Read more

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Winter Vehicle Preparation: 20 Top Tips

Car behind logging truck in snow storm

Winter vehicle preparation is essential to keep you and your loved ones safe. When a winter storm is on the way, it’s best to avoid traveling in a vehicle, but this isn’t always an option, and there is no accounting for a freak storm. If you are caught in a bad snowstorm while driving a … Read more

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Why be a prepper & 38 disasters to prepare for

People protesting with American Flag upside down

People will say you’re bat-shit crazy if you start prepping. Really, who cares what other people think, why not be a prepper? Don’t be embarrassed, plan for emergencies because it is prudent to store food, water, and equipment for emergencies. Be a prepper, and prepare for whatever disaster, catastrophe, or family emergency comes down the … Read more