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Apocalypse Food (Top 8 for survival)

Mountain house stir fried rice

The best apocalypse food is shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t need refrigeration and has a long shelf life. Different types of survival food are better for specific survival scenarios. For example, the ideal food for a go-pack or bugout bag differs from emergency food for staying put during an emergency. So, consider the survival scenario when … Read more

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Prepper Gifts 2022: Emergency gear you wish you owned

survival gas mask and gun

TOP GEAR (prepper gifts 2022) Times are crazy so take a look at Ready Squirrel’s prepper gifts 2022 to choose the perfect gift for your prepper’s survival. Outdoorsmen, hunters, and campers can also use most of the gifts on this list. Let’s check out the gear. Summary of prepper gifts 2022 Disclaimer: Ready Squirrel gets … Read more

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Survival Hygiene: 52 Must-Have Items For Your Sanitation Kit

Washing hands in pouring water

A Survival hygiene kit isn’t very sexy, but it is one of the most important aspects of surviving any catastrophe or major event. This is especially true if the event is long-term. The last thing you want to do is contract a disease or infection when the world is in turmoil. Below, take a look … Read more