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Should You Freeze Beans Before Long Term Storage?

Black beans and buckets on the floor

Whether to freeze beans or not to freeze beans is the question. This month I am repackaging 72 lbs of dry black beans into Oxygen-free food-grade buckets. Should I freeze the beans to kill weevil eggs, or is there a better way? There is a better method of controlling bugs than freezing. Do not freeze … Read more

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Should You Freeze Rice Before Long Term Storage?

Ready Squirrel Food Storage Closet

Freezing rice for storage has typically been used to kill bugs, eggs, and pupae in dry rice and other grains before long-term and oxygen-free storage. I think it’s an outdated method because there is an easier method of ensuring you get a thirty-year shelf life out of your emergency rice. Let’s take a look. Preppers … Read more

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How long do lentils last? (Long-term storage)

hand holding brown lentils in plastic bag

Lentils are an awesome little legume. Excellent for long-term storage, they provide good nutrition and can be packaged to store for decades. Cultivated longer than any other legume, lentils are a staple food around the globe. Dried lentils store for one year in store-bought packaging and three years in airtight containers. Store dried lentils long-term … Read more

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Where to Store Emergency Food With Limited Space (13 crazy storage locations)

Scott at ready squirrel

The best location to store emergency food is inside your house or apartment. Preferably a food pantry or closet but this isn’t possible for the majority because we already have these areas stuff with our daily rations. For 13 additional food storage locations, read on. 13 Storage Locations (where to store emergency food) #1 Basement … Read more

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Rice with longest shelf life: Long-term Storage

Enriched Rice and Jasmine Rice

Rice is one of the Rockstars of the prepping world. If your family likes eating rice, adding it to your long-term emergency food storage is an excellent idea. Rice and beans are the bulk of my family’s emergency food store because they are inexpensive and nutritious. Not to mention we love eating them. The type … Read more

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Non Perishable Food For the Apocalypse (106 Top Foods For Stockpiling)

dak ham, dinty moore beef stew, deviled ham

Non-perishable foods are outstanding for long and short-term emergencies. Use them to build a short-term emergency kit for hurricanes or other natural disasters. Also, they work well to build bug-out kits and for long-term emergency food storage. The bulk of my non-perishable emergency food is dry goods like rice, beans, and wheat, but I also … Read more

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Best Way To Store Rice Long Term (survival and emergency food for shortages)

I recently researched everything white rice to get as much information as possible before purchasing bulk quantities for my family’s long-term food storage. The main thing I discovered, rice is one of the superstars of the prepper pantry. It is a food you should consider storing for emergency preparedness. This article will help you decide … Read more

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Store Vegetables Without Refrigeration: 11 Top Tips

Garden tomatoes, peppers and carrots

Store vegetables without refrigeration, and you can get a modest shelf-life. Ideally, vegetables are stored in a refrigerator or root cellar, but this isn’t always possible. What got me interested in storing vegetables like this was trying to plan for storage for a sailboat trip. Let’s take a look at eleven tips for storing veg … Read more

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29 Emergency Food Storage Tips

  Emergency food storage isn’t rocket science, but it’s good to have a basic understanding of the underlying concepts, so you know where to start and don’t waste time or money. #1 Why Store Emergency Food? Stockpile food to sustain your family during financial hardship, natural disasters, and economic and societal collapse. Following are eleven … Read more