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Freezing Grains Before Storage: Why I Don’t Do It

Long term food storage container

I had 300 lbs of white rice sitting on my kitchen floor, and came to the realization that freezing grains before storage would be a monstrous task in my little fridge. Imagine freezing 300 pounds of white rice, wheat, or beans in a 1/2 freezer-fridge. Thankfully, after doing a little research, I found out that … Read more

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The Best Long-term Food Storage Containers: User’s Guide

The best long-term food storage container is a different container than a container that is airtight. Long-term containers do not allow for the transfer of Oxygen inside and outside the container but airtight containers like Tupperware do. The best long-term storage containers don’t just protect against oxygen transfer they also protect against light, moisture, and … Read more

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Nut Shelf-life: Emergency and Survival Food

Walnut Tree

Nuts contain calories, nutrition, and natural fats needed for survival, but they are not a good choice for long-term survival food because they have a limited shelf-life.  Avoid storing nuts in long-term food storage for more than two years. Nuts are high in lipids (fats), causing them to go rancid from enzyme reactions in 3 … Read more

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What Is Long-term Food Storage:Top Foods and Containers

Scott standing next to emergency food

I started working on my long-term emergency food storage (LTS) about a year ago. Below I share some of the information I researched before starting my cache of Long-term survival foods. So what is long-term food storage? Long-term food storage is an emergency food cache consisting of low fat , dry staple foods containing less … Read more

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Mylar Bags: Best Long-term Food Storage Container

Mylar bags are the best do-it-yourself long-term food storage container for dry foods like wheat, white rice, rolled oats, and dry beans. They are easy to use, come in all shapes and sizes, and give foods a 20 to 30-year shelf-life when used with oxygen absorbers. All of my dry bulk foods are stored with … Read more

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Sprouting Wheat: Top Emergency Food

yummy wheat sprouts

A follower on YouTube recently asked if wheat stored in a #10 can sprout. This question motivated me to try it and see. It’s much easier than I imagined. Canned wheat will sprout for up to 25 years, as will wheat berries stored in any sealed oxygen-free container kept in a cool, dry, dark location. … Read more

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Preserving Fruit with Alcohol: Emergency Pantry

If you want to start preserving fruit with alcohol, you can do it with store-bought fruit on sale or use a bounty from your orchard or garden. Fruit preserved with alcohol is a great way to spice up baking and otherwise bland meals, and it’s a method of preserving fruit for the off-season without refrigeration. … Read more

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13 Food Preservation Techniques

When it comes to long-term food storage, there are thirteen options for preserving food. Use these methods to preserve garden produce, dried foods, and even things like meat. Each food type and preservation technique has more or less shelf-life. Some foods need to be rotated due to their shorter shelf life. Used together, the techniques … Read more

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Should I freeze wheat berries before storage?

Long Term Storage tools

Whether to freeze wheat or not to freeze wheat is the question. This month I am repackaging 50 lbs of wheat berries into Oxygen-free food-grade buckets. Should I freeze the wheat to kill weevil eggs, or is there a better way? There is a better method of controlling bugs than freezing. Preppers should not freeze … Read more