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How to store beans long term: like a Rockstar

bean medley

Learn how to store dried beans long-term to build an emergency food supply using buckets, Mylar bags, and oxygen absorbers. After a lot of research, I found the easiest and most effective do-it-yourself method for quickly storing hundreds of pounds of dry beans for maximum shelf life. Store beans by repackaging them from store packaging … Read more

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How To Store Flour Long Term

woman mixing flour and dough with her hands

How to store flour long-term depends on what you are storing it for. The storage methods are different depending on the shelf-life you desire. If you are keeping it around for daily baking an airtight container is sufficient. If, on the other hand, you want to store it long-term Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are … Read more

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Mylar Bags For Food Storage: Beginners Guide

Mylar bags

Mylar bags (MBs) are hands down the best repackaging container for the do-it-yourself prepper. Mylar food storage effectively protects dry staple foods inexpensively. There isn’t a better DIY container for storing dry staple foods long-term. What Are Mylar Bags? Mylar bags are made from thin layers of aluminum-coated plastic sheets of Polyethylene Terephthalate and PET … Read more

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Storing Sugar In Long Term Storage

granulated sugar and a wood spoon

Storing Sugar in long-term storage is a simple process that involves repackaging it from a paper bag to an airtight container. I keep most of my Sugar in 5-gallon food-grade buckets, but you have other options. So, what are the best containers for storing sugar long-term? How to store Sugar long term Store table sugar … Read more

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Is Wheat Still Good?

wheat berries

How can you tell if your wheat or wheat berries are still good? Wheat with the husk removed, also called wheat berries is one of the best long-term survival foods you can store so it’s worth taking care of it. So how can you tell if it’s still good? Wheat berries are still good if … Read more

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Wheat Storage: Long-Term Survival Food

wheat buckets

With proper storage, you can preserve wheat for 30-plus years. That’s 3 decades. The most important factor in wheat storage is an oxygen-free environment, and for that, we need to repackage the wheat. Wheat berries are best stored in long-term storage by re-packaging them into containers that protect them from oxygen, moisture, heat, light, and … Read more

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How To Preserve White Rice For Long-Term Storage

White Rice and white buckets

White Rice is one of the best-dried staple foods you can store in long-term storage because it is highly nutritious, versatile, and lasts 30 years or more if packaged correctly. White rice is the backbone of my long-term emergency stores. Keeping rice long-term is simple, but it does need to be repackaged from store-bought packaging … Read more

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How To Preserve Beans In Long-term Storage

Packaging beans for storage

When storing beans or other dried goods for long-term storage, we’re talking about maximizing shelf life by repackaging, usually oxygen-free storage. The cornerstone of long-term survival food storage is dried beans and grains. Ensure you have dried beans on hand for SHTF by learning to store them for the long haul. It’s super easy. If … Read more

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Best Oats For Storage: Long Term Survival Food

Hands pouring flour

Not all oats are created equal regarding shelf-life, but they are an awesome addition to your survival pantry if processed correctly. Rolled oats are the best for storage because they have the longest shelf life. Also known as old-fashioned oats, they will store for 30 years in long-term storage if packaged in a sealed oxygen-free … Read more

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Oxygen Absorbers: Why You Need Them For Emergency Food Storage

Beans and Mylar

Oxygen absorbers are a big part of the long-term storage of dry foods like white rice, wheat berries, dried beans, and other grains. Combining an absorber and oxygen barrier packaging like Mylar bags is hands down the best and most modern method of preserving food for longer shelf life. I did a lot of research, … Read more