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Does sugar go bad? (Top Disaster Food)

25 pound bag of sugar

Sugar is an excellent food to store for long-term food emergencies. You can use it to flavor baked goods and preserve and ferment bounties of fruit that would otherwise go bad in the cellar. It’s an excellent apocalypse food but does go bad? Granulated white sugar is almost impervious to the microbial and bacterial growth … Read more

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18 Places to Keep Emergency Food Storage

dry staple food stored on homemade shelving

Finding places for emergency food storage can be a challenge if you are limited on storage space. Especially since prime storage location have to be cool, dry, and low in humidity so for many foods an outdoor shed or the garage won’t do. Let’s get down to the list of eighteen places to store emergency … Read more

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Mylar Bags For Food Storage (high-speed bulk food containers)

food bucket and rice bag

TOP GEAR Mylar bags rock. There isn’t a better way for the do-it-yourself prepper to store hundreds or thousands of pounds of dry staple foods for pending doom. I’ve accumulated hundreds of pounds of dry staples using sealed Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, and I’m still going. Below I’ll help you choose Mylar bags, and … Read more

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Supreme Long Term Food Storage Containers & Gear

Food storage gear

TOP GEAR The storage containers you use for long-term food storage matter when it comes to the shelf-life of dry staples. . This article covers a list of premium containers and the tools you need to store massive amounts of dry staple foods like white rice, wheat, dry beans, rolled oats, and pasta for decades. … Read more

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Best Way To Store Beans Long-term: Emergency Protein

stacked bags of beans

Knowing how to store beans long-term is essential because proper storage methods can increase shelf life by decades. Dry beans are one of the top emergency foods for storage because they are shelf-stable, non-perishable, and packed with protein and nutrition. The best way to store dry beans long-term is storage in a cool, dry location … Read more

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Foods That Last the Longest

Whare are foods that last the longest? if this is what you’re looking for, look no further, Some foods in this article have a shelf-life of 30 years, and some last forever. These long-lived edibles will keep you alive if economies collapse, disaster strikes, there is a family emergency, or you want to save money … Read more

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Storing Rice In Mylar For Long Term Storage

Using Mylar for storing polished rice long-term is hands down the best method of keeping rice for a maximum thirty-year shelf-life. I say this from the point of view of a person who does their own long-term emergency food storage. Professionally packaged rice in #10 cans is also an excellent method of storing rice long-term, … Read more

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How long do dried beans last?

cooking beans

Dry beans are a core survival and emergency food because of their nutritional value and long shelf-life. Combined with a complementary food like white rice, another survival food legend, they provide all nine essential amino acids to make a complete protein. Store beans correctly, and they will outlast you. How long do dried beans last? … Read more

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Storing rice long term: 11 easy steps to maximize shelf life

Man working in a rice field

Storing rice long-term is essential to build a stockpile of emergency food for long-term storage. Rice is cheap, filling, and readily available, and it will keep for up to 30 years if adequately packaged, use it as a hearty base food for meat, beans, vegetables, and garden produce, and by itself. Equipment List Before storing … Read more

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Storing wheat to outlast you (Apocalypse Food)

wheat, Mylar bag and #10 cans of wheat

In the United States, Wheat stored for long-term storage is called wheat berries (wheat kernels with the husk removed.) Removing the husk also removes fats, lipids, and oils that reduce shelf-life. I’ve used hard white Wheat to make homemade bread and pasta, but it has many more uses than that. Removing the husk doesn’t detract … Read more