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193 Shelf Stable Foods to Stockpile for Emergencies

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The 193 shelf-stable foods listed below are what you want to store in case of emergencies like natural disasters. I have a full-blown emergency pantry so I’m light on shelf-stable canned food but these are the foods most people should store for emergencies. So what are shelf-stable foods? Shelf-stable foods for an emergency don’t need … Read more

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27 Foods with a Long Shelf-life to Store for Emergencies

woman making corn tortillas

Cheap emergency food with the longest shelf-life is ideal for long-term storage. When picking backbone foods, I look for two characteristics, the longest shelf-life without refrigeration and tried and tested famine food. The following 27 foods tick both boxes. 27 foods with a long shelf-life These are the foods of pioneers, ancient civilizations, and soldiers … Read more

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Flour Or Wheat: Maximum Shelf-life

man rolling dough with a rolling pin

What is the maximum shelf-life of flour and wheat? That is what you should be asking yourself if you want to be food prepping rockstar. Wheat flour is convenient because it is available almost anywhere but is it the best fit for your survival? Wheat berries are harder to find and take a lot more … Read more

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Where to Buy Survival Food

Baked soil and a single plant

Survival food is a big enchilada, but where do you buy survival food? It includes pretty much any non-perishable food that won’t spoil without refrigeration. Dry staples like white rice, canned foods like vegetables, fruit, and meat, freeze-dried backpacker meals, MREs (meals ready to eat), and commercially packaged emergency kits. All of them are emergency … Read more

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The top 34 Foods to Store for Natural Disasters or Emergency

When storing food for natural disasters and catastrophes, consider that there is a good chance you won’t have electricity or running water. Canned foods have a good shelf-life of 1 to 5 years, are ready to eat, and don’t require refrigeration before being opened. On top of that, you don’t need water for preparation; many … Read more

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Should I Stockpile Wheat or Flour In Long-term Food Storage

Wheat berries and grain mill

Wheat is the cornerstone of any long-term food pantry. You just have to decide what form of wheat fills that niche. Most of my survival wheat is wheat berries (whole wheat kernels), not flour because wheat offers superior flexibility, shelf-life, and nutrition. Wheat berries are superior to flour for long-term storage. Cook wheat whole, sprout … Read more

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Dried vs Canned Beans for Long-term Storage

beans in bags

When I started stockpiling food for long-term storage, I wasn’t sure which type of beans to store. After researching dried vs. canned beans, I concluded that the bulk of my storage would be dried beans repackaged into Mylar bags and buckets. Let’s take a look at why dry beans are better. Bulk-dried beans are superior … Read more

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Can You Survive On Freeze-Dried Survival Food

Mountain house chicken fried rice

You can survive on Freeze-dried food. It’s not much different than eating fresh food. Freeze-dried food maintains almost all of its nutrition and retains excellent color and texture when reconstituted. It’s nearly the perfect preservation technique for non-perishable survival food. You can live off freeze-dried survival food if a healthy mix of fruits, meats, and … Read more

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Should I store salt for SHTF: How much for Survival?

Pink rock salt in a rustic bowl

In a survival scenario, salt storage is an important consideration. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, your body needs salt to function, but salt isn’t just for eating; as a prepper, salt serves other vital functions. Below I share the research I did on salt while preparing my family’s long-term storage. I … Read more

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Canned Meat: A Must-Have Survival Food

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Unless you raise livestock for meat, you are at the mercy of the industrial meat complex in an SHTF situation. As I’m writing this article, online retailers are out of canned beef, pork, and chicken, limiting how much you can purchase. Meat, protein, and fats are hard to get in an SHTF situation, so stock … Read more