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Cheap Emergency Food (65+Examples)

#10 cans and Mylar bags of food

Cheap Emergency food is stockpiled for SHTF events like inflation, economic downturn, and job loss. Considering the craziness in the world, consider storing emergency food as a priority now and into the future. Best Cheap Emergency Food: Dry Staples Have a sense of urgency in stockpiling dry staple foods like beans, rice, wheat & rolled … Read more

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Bunker Survival Food (18 Prime Prepper Foods)

Survivor Wearing a Gas Mask

Undoubtedly, you want to stuff long-term food storage with bunker survival food because it has an epic storage life and is relatively inexpensive. As a side note, Not all of these foods last forever, but most have a decent shelf-life or are the best in class. I’m storing all these bunker survival foods for emergencies, … Read more

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How Much Food To Store For Emergencies

Emergency food storage

Wondering how much food to store, the answer depends on the age, activity level, and food preferences of those in your survival group, but also on how long the emergency food should last. I think you should stockpile at least 3 months of food for everyone in your family, but FEMA suggests a minimum of … Read more

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Apocalypse Food (Top 8 for survival)

Mountain house stir fried rice

The best apocalypse food is shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t need refrigeration and has a long shelf life. Different types of survival food are better for specific survival scenarios. For example, the ideal food for a go-pack or bugout bag differs from emergency food for staying put during an emergency. So, consider the survival scenario when … Read more

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Non-food supplies to store for food shortages and emergencies

Hungry woman digging through dumpster

Following is a list of non-food supplies to stockpile for food shortages and emergency situations like natural catastrophes, and civil unrest. If food shortages get bad enough, they can lead to societal collapse where electricity is out, and grocery store shelves are bare. Next, let’s examine some of the non-food supplies to start storing for … Read more

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15 Foods to Store for Shortages

Cans of spam original

Following is a list of fifteen foods to store for shortages in preparation for empty grocery shelves. None of these foods require refrigeration and they have the longest shelf-life. I’ve seen a lot of lists for food shortages that include perishable foods. I would avoid storing perishables unless they are freeze-dried or canned because they … Read more

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Survival Fat: 29 Foods To Store for the Apocalypse

survival foods high in fat

Fat is one of the most challenging types of emergency food to store for a survival scenario or natural disaster because it has a relatively short shelf life and isn’t provided in a high enough quantity by staple emergency foods like dry beans, rice, and wheat. For this reason, it’s important to plan ahead to … Read more

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Canned protein for emergencies: 28 Examples

survival meat

One of the best protein sources you can store during a short-term event is canned protein because it’s ready to eat and doesn’t require refrigeration before opening. Electric power shuts down in many emergency or survival situations, so no refrigeration exists. Canned foods are the perfect survival food under these conditions. Let’s look at some … Read more

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Emergency Protein: Top 19 High Protein Survival Foods

survival foods high in protein

Protein is one of the food types you’ll want to store for long and short-term emergencies. The bulk of my protein supply is dry staples like dry beans, wheat berries, rolled oats, and white rice. I also store freeze-dried and canned proteins for short-term emergencies because they are ready to eat and shelf-stable. Plan to … Read more

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Best Emergency Foods To Stockpile: Pros & Cons

When you first start prepping, choosing the best food for a particular emergency or survival situation can be a little challenging. Following is a basic rundown of the best emergency food supply to fit specific conditions. The bulk of my survival food stash is dry staples that I’ve packaged myself, but there are good reasons … Read more