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18 Places to Keep Emergency Food Storage

dry staple food stored on homemade shelving

Finding places for emergency food storage can be a challenge if you are limited on storage space. Especially since prime storage location have to be cool, dry, and low in humidity so for many foods an outdoor shed or the garage won’t do. Let’s get down to the list of eighteen places to store emergency … Read more

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16 Ways to Prepare for Food Shortages

depression era bread line

Prepare for food shortages because they are high impact and usually accompanied by economic collapse or destabilization of everything else in a country. Planning ahead is the only option because people will panic and quickly pick grocery store shelves clean once things get bad. If you live in the United States and there are food … Read more

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Prepping for Food Shortages: Beginners Guide

Start prepping for food shortages with affordable survival food like white rice, beans, wheat, and other dry staple food has been tried and tested over thousands of years: they are the best affordable survival food option and have the most extended shelf-life. I personally stockpile every food on this list. Some of them I don’t … Read more

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Food To Stockpile For Shortages and Economic Collapse (Top 33)

semi truck on a highway

TOP GEAR Maybe the sky is falling, and perhaps it isn’t. Still, a robust stockpile of food set aside for food shortages or economic collapse is a commodity and an added safety net for any emergency. Stockpiling food for shortages can also save you money by buying food in bulk at a reduced price. I’ve … Read more

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Mylar Bags For Food Storage (high-speed bulk food containers)

food bucket and rice bag

TOP GEAR Mylar bags rock. There isn’t a better way for the do-it-yourself prepper to store hundreds or thousands of pounds of dry staple foods for pending doom. I’ve accumulated hundreds of pounds of dry staples using sealed Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, and I’m still going. Below I’ll help you choose Mylar bags, and … Read more

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Survival Fat: 29 Foods To Store for the Apocalypse

survival foods high in fat

Fat is one of the most challenging types of emergency food to store for a survival scenario or natural disaster because it has a relatively short shelf life and isn’t provided in a high enough quantity by staple emergency foods like dry beans, rice, and wheat. For this reason, it’s important to plan ahead to … Read more

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Canned protein for emergencies: 28 Examples

survival meat

One of the best protein sources you can store during a short-term event is canned protein because it’s ready to eat and doesn’t require refrigeration before opening. Electric power shuts down in many emergency or survival situations, so no refrigeration exists. Canned foods are the perfect survival food under these conditions. Let’s look at some … Read more

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Emergency Protein: Top 19 High Protein Survival Foods

survival foods high in protein

Protein is one of the food types you’ll want to store for long and short-term emergencies. The bulk of my protein supply is dry staples like dry beans, wheat berries, rolled oats, and white rice. I also store freeze-dried and canned proteins for short-term emergencies because they are ready to eat and shelf-stable. Plan to … Read more

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Top Protein For Food Storage: Aminos for the Apocalypse

foods high in amino acids

The best protein for food storage doesn’t require refrigeration and has a long shelf-life. There are many excellent choices for emergency storage, but some protein-rich foods are better for short-term emergencies, and some for long-term emergencies. My emergency protein food is beans, white rice, rolled oats, and powdered milk. The best survival protein for emergencies … Read more

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Supreme Long Term Food Storage Containers & Gear

Food storage gear

TOP GEAR The storage containers you use for long-term food storage matter when it comes to the shelf-life of dry staples. . This article covers a list of premium containers and the tools you need to store massive amounts of dry staple foods like white rice, wheat, dry beans, rolled oats, and pasta for decades. … Read more