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How Much Food to Stockpile Per Person

I started my emergency food storage, not knowing how much food to stockpile for each family member. The best way to plan for stockpiling food is to look at 1. daily calorie count requirements for each person, 2. the nutritional value of the food, and 3. the shelf life of each food. This article contains … Read more

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Survival Bread With No Yeast (Top 5 Survival Flatbreads)

unleavened fry bread

Flatbread is an excellent way to use stored survival grain. With the ancient-trifecta of grain-flour or oats, water, and salt, you can make a staple survival flatbread. Flatbreads have no wait time and don’t require yeast or kneading—5 Perfect survival foods for an emergency, whether sheltering in place or walking out on foot. Five 3-Ingredient … Read more

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How to make yeast for bread (levain)

Homemade bread starter

Making your bread yeast also called “levain” or “starter,” is super easy. This yeast-making technique comes in handy in an emergency or if you want to make bread like a pro. All you need to do this is flour, water, and a jar with a cover. Natural yeasts in the air will start the process. … Read more