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Stockpile These Foods for Shortages (Famine Busters)

five food categories for storage

Survivalists know what to stockpile for shortages because this is how they build their emergency pantry, using various types of non-perishable and shelf-stable food that has a long shelf-life. Below I will discuss 5 types of food to store for shortages and to fight famine, each food type has strengths and weaknesses in different survival … Read more

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Best Food to Stockpile for Food Shortages and Family Emergencies

Menu NO. 20 Spaghetti With Meat Sauce MRE

The best food to stockpile for shortages is non-perishable dry goods like white rice, beans, wheat, and shelf-stable canned foods. The goal is to use these foods to stockpile a minimum of 2000 calories per day to feed each person in your group. I suggest you start by stockpiling a minimum of 180,000 calories each, … Read more

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Country Living Hand Grain Mill: Long-term Storage Guide

I recently purchased a country living hand grain mill for grinding dry staples like wheat and dried beans from my emergency pantry. The combination of grain and a mill to make flour is one of the best things you can do for your long-term storage of food. Grain is a famine food and it is … Read more

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Can You Grind Wheat in a Blender?

grinding flour medley

Blenders aren’t designed for grinding wheat, but they do a surprisingly good job getting it done. A mill designed to mill flour will last longer and do a better job, but you can grind wheat berries into whole wheat flour with a blender. My Country Living Grain Mill is hand-cranked and a tremendous amount of … Read more

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Best Wheat Berries For Bread (long-term storage)

close up of wheat kernels

Wheat berries are a powerhouse of nutrition capable of storing for decades in your emergency pantry. This article is being written as I plan my own emergency grain storage. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful as you plan yours. Let’s take a look at why I think hard white wheat berries are the best … Read more

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Chickpeas: Excellent Survival Food

Spicy chickpeas in a pan with fresh bread

Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo beans, are a proven survival food. Cultivated since 3000 B.C., eaten by the armies of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. They have a good track record as a staple food. Chickpeas are an excellent survival food. 1/2 cup of chickpeas provides 160 kcal, high protein, and fiber, and they are … Read more

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Inexpensive survival food: 2 best foods for emergency stockpiling

Bag of Jasmine rice and dry beans

Inexpensive survival food stored in bulk won’t break the bank and it is the best survival food you can store long-term. So what is the cheapest survival food, let’s check it out. Inexpensive survival food for long-term emergencies and prepper-type stockpiling are bulk-dry staples like dried beans, white rice, hard wheat, rolled oats, and pasta … Read more

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Best Beans For Long-term Storage

storing black beans for storage

Dried Beans are superstars in the prepping world. They are nearly the perfect survival food. Combined with white rice, beans provide all nine essential amino acids and make a complete protein, but not all beans are created equal. The best bean for long-term emergency storage is the soybean. One cup of boiled soybeans provides 298 … Read more

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Emergency Dog Food & Prepping For Dog Survival: Beginners Guide

German Shepherds in training

A YouTube follower recently requested an article on prepping your dog for SHTF. I’ve done a poor job of preparing my dogs for emergencies. I think it’s time to write a comprehensive article on doggy preparedness. I’m not a professional, but I did do a lot of research for this article. I hope this information … Read more

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Food Storage Guide: The Basics of Long-term Storage

Woman walking in a grocery store with empty shelves

This food storage guide focuses on creating a “Do It Yourself” stockpile of staple foods, and the principles necessary to store them for the long term. I came up with this information when researching my family’s long-term food storage. I hope this information helps as you build your emergency food supply. Let’s do it. If … Read more