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Beans For Long Term Storage: Top Survival Food

dry beans

Dried beans for long term storage are one of the best foods you can store for long-term emergencies or survival food because beans are easy to store, lightweight, and packed with nutrition. Also, They are also a proven staple food. Beans are a filling comfort food packed with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Averaging 22% … Read more

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Best Rice For Long Term Storage And How To Store It

canned dry goods

If you are getting into long-term food storage, you should know that white rice is royalty. You can’t beat rice as a staple survival food if you choose the best rice for long-term storage. So, what is the best rice for long-term storage? The best rice for long-term storage is white rice, specifically long-grain white … Read more

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Food for the End of the World or a Zombie Apocalypse

stock market lines

Start stockpiling food for the end of the world, the next zombie apocalypse, or save money on your monthly grocery bill. I suggest you start storing food so you will have enough to eat if we have hyperinflation or a devaluation of the dollar. In the future, food could be exponentially more expensive than it … Read more

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Cheapest Survival Food: Stockpiling On a Budget

There are two types of cheap emergency food that stand out when it comes to survival food. They make up the bulk of my short and long-term emergency food storage because they are readily available, inexpensive, and provide a safety net when hard times hit. Cheap Emergency food to stockpile for short-term emergencies includes canned … Read more

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Cheap Emergency Food: Stockpiling on a Budget

Stocking up on cheap emergency food can be done at your local grocery store, big-box store, and online for much less than purchasing professionally packaged survival foods, but there is a little more work involved. You will have to seek out sales and do a little couponing to maximize savings. Cheap Emergency Foods for short-term … Read more

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Hurricane food to store before the storm!

Downed Power Lines

If a hurricane passes through your area, you’ll want a stockpile of nonperishable foods and water to ensure you can eat when there is no running power or water. Don’t get caught unprepared, get started stockpiling a two-week food supply. Next, let’s examine the best hurricane foods. 25 Nonperishable Snacks Ready-to-eat, nonperishable snacks are one … Read more

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Best non-perishable food(s) for emergencies

#10 cans

The best non-perishable food for emergencies has an extended shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration to keep them from spoiling. Take a look at the list of food below and build your short-term emergency food supply for natural and man-made disasters. Let’s examine non-perishable snacks, the first list of emergency foods to store Snackfood Most … Read more

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One Year Food Supply: (DIY, Cheap, Effective)

long term food storage closet

When I started working on my one-year food supply, I gravitated to dry staples like white rice, dry beans, and wheat. They are the least expensive calorie per pound, highly nutritious, offer decades of shelf-life, and have been tried and tested down through the centuries; if you are interested in storing food for a year … Read more

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What Is An Oxygen Absorber: Long Term Food Storage

Beans, absorbers and Mylar

If you are preparing to store survival or emergency food in long-term storage, you need to know all about the simple little packets of iron powder that remove oxygen from sealed food containers. There isn’t a simpler, more effective way to prevent oxidation of food and kill bugs, but what is an Oxygen absorber? An … Read more

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Wheat Berries Shelf Life: Long & Short Term Storage

spilled wheat

Storing wheat berries short term is an excellent way to mill your own flour for healthier baked goods, but they are also considered a bedrock staple for long-term storage and emergency food supplies. My family uses wheat for both purposes. It’s a good idea to bake with home-milled flour before you depend on it for … Read more