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Beans For Long Term Storage: Top Survival Food

dry beans

Dried beans for long term storage are one of the best foods you can store for long-term emergencies or survival food because beans are easy to store, lightweight, and packed with nutrition. Also, They are also a proven staple food. Beans are a filling comfort food packed with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Averaging 22% … Read more

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Best Rice For Long Term Storage And How To Store It

canned dry goods

If you are getting into long-term food storage, you should know that white rice is royalty. You can’t beat rice as a staple survival food if you choose the best rice for long-term storage. So, what is the best rice for long-term storage? The best rice for long-term storage is white rice, specifically long-grain white … Read more

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Food for the End of the World or a Zombie Apocalypse

stock market lines

Start stockpiling food for the end of the world, the next zombie apocalypse, or save money on your monthly grocery bill. I suggest you start storing food so you will have enough to eat if we have hyperinflation or a devaluation of the dollar. In the future, food could be exponentially more expensive than it … Read more

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Cheapest Survival Food: Stockpiling On a Budget

There are two types of cheap emergency food that stand out when it comes to survival food. They make up the bulk of my short and long-term emergency food storage because they are readily available, inexpensive, and provide a safety net when hard times hit. Cheap Emergency food to stockpile for short-term emergencies includes canned … Read more

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Cheap Emergency Food: Stockpiling on a Budget

Stocking up on cheap emergency food can be done at your local grocery store, big-box store, and online for much less than purchasing professionally packaged survival foods, but there is a little more work involved. You will have to seek out sales and do a little couponing to maximize savings. Cheap Emergency Foods for short-term … Read more

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Hurricane food to store before the storm!

Downed Power Lines

If a hurricane passes through your area, you’ll want a stockpile of nonperishable foods and water to ensure you can eat when there is no running power or water. Don’t get caught unprepared, get started stockpiling a two-week food supply. Next, let’s examine the best hurricane foods. 25 Nonperishable Snacks Ready-to-eat, nonperishable snacks are one … Read more

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Best non-perishable food(s) for emergencies

#10 cans

The best non-perishable food for emergencies has an extended shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration to keep them from spoiling. Take a look at the list of food below and build your short-term emergency food supply for natural and man-made disasters. Let’s examine non-perishable snacks, the first list of emergency foods to store Snackfood Most … Read more

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One Year Food Supply: (DIY, Cheap, Effective)

long term food storage closet

When I started working on my one-year food supply, I gravitated to dry staples like white rice, dry beans, and wheat. They are the least expensive calorie per pound, highly nutritious, offer decades of shelf-life, and have been tried and tested down through the centuries; if you are interested in storing food for a year … Read more

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What Oxygen Absorber to Use for Food Storage?

Beans, absorbers and Mylar

Knowing what size oxygen absorber to use is important because you need enough oxygen absorption to remove the oxygen in a sealed container. Remove oxygen from a container like a Mylar bag or ball jar and stop oxidation of food which increases the shelf life of certain foods by decades. I store the majority of … Read more

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Shelf Life Of Wheat (Long-term storage like a boss)

spilled wheat

The shelf life of wheat or wheat berries is determined by the type of container it is stored in and whether or not it is treated with oxygen absorbers. The shelf-life of wheat or wheat berries, stored at 10% moisture or less, in an airtight container is six months, wheat stored in the freezer will last … Read more