16 Ways to Prepare For Food Shortages

depression era bread line

When food shortages happen, they are high impact. They are usually accompanied by economic collapse and destabilization of everything else in a country; if food shortages reach starvation levels lookout. If you live in the United States and there are food shortages it is likely shortages are on a global scale. There will be nowhere … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Tarp-Tent and Lean-to

tarp shelter

Learn how to build a survival shelter with a few rudimentary tools, and you will have a leg-up is SHTF. Many outdoorsmen, long-distance hikers, and military personnel rely on Tarps for emergency shelter because they are lightweight, can be carried from location to location, and are easy to deploy. The tarp is also excellent when … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Debris Hut

debris hut

Knowing how to build a rudimentary survival shelter from natural materials is one of those must-have survival skills. Without shelter, it isn’t easy to maintain your core body temperature. A survival shelter is used in an emergency to protect the body from the sun’s heat, insects, wind, rain, snow, and fluctuations in temperature. Let’s get … Read more

Shelters For Survival: Beginner’s Guide

A Survival Shelter is one of the first things you should prepare for in a survival situation. What is a survival shelter? A survival shelter is a simple shelter made from natural or manufactured materials. Its purpose is to keep you alive until you are rescued or reach a safe location with more substantial protection. … Read more

Affordable Survival Food: Beginners Guide

Affordable survival food like white rice, beans, wheat, and other dry staple food has been tried and tested over thousands of years: they are the best affordable survival food option and have the most extended shelf-life. I personally stockpile every food on this list. Some of them I don’t like, i.e. canned meat but I … Read more

Food To Stockpile For Shortages and Economic Collapse

semi truck on a highway

TOP GEAR Maybe the sky is falling, and perhaps it isn’t. Still, a robust stockpile of food set aside for food shortages or economic collapse is a commodity and an added safety net for any emergency. It can also save you money by buying food in bulk. I’ve shared below enough information to get you … Read more

Best Survival Protein: Aminos for the Apocalypse

foods high in amino acids

There are quite a few proteins that don’t require refrigeration and have a pretty long shelf-life, so there are many excellent choices for emergency storage. Some protein-rich foods are better for short-term emergencies and some for the long-term. I personally store most of my protein in beans, white rice, rolled oats, and powdered milk. The … Read more

Cost To Feed One Person For A Year: Apocalypse Food

How much it costs to feed a person for a year depends on the types of food you store. Yeah, a little obvious. This article will look at the cost of shelf-stable canned foods, dry foods, and professionally packaged emergency food kits to see what it would cost to feed one person for a year. … Read more

How Much Survival Food Do I Need?

How much survival food you need depends on the type of emergency or survival scenario you are most likely to encounter, the number of people in your survival group, and each individual’s age, sex, and activity level. Let’s look at some of my research on how much emergency food to stockpile. You need enough survival … Read more

Cheap Long Term Emergency Food Supply: Epic Dry Staples

The best cheap long-term emergency food supply is also the best food you can store for long-term survival. I’ve spent the last couple of years storing dry staples like white rice, wheat berries, dry beans, and rolled oats to build the biggest emergency food storage possible on a budget. Why are Dry Staple Foods Good … Read more