Cheap Food for Storage (65+Examples)

#10 cans and Mylar bags of food

This is a list of foods you can stockpile for emergencies like inflation, economic downturn, or job loss. When I say cheap eats, that is kind of tongue-in-cheek. As I write this article, the cost of all food is on the rise and probably will be for the foreseeable future. If you have the ability, … Read more

Does Sugar Last Forever? (Top Disaster Food)

25 pound bag of sugar

Sugar is an excellent food to store for long-term food emergencies. You can use it to flavor baked goods and preserve and ferment bounties of fruit that would otherwise go bad in the cellar. It’s an excellent apocalypse food. Sugar, specifically white granulated Sugar, will never go bad because it won’t let microbes or bacteria … Read more

18 Foods For The Survival Bunker

Survivor Wearing a Gas Mask

You want to stuff your bunker with these foods because they have a long storage life and are inexpensive. Not all of these foods last forever, but most have a decent shelf-life or are the best in class. I’m storing all of these foods for emergencies, but the bulk of my food storage relies heavily … Read more

How Much Food To Store For Emergencies

Scott Ready Squirrel

The amount of food to stockpile per person depends on age, activity level, and food preferences, but it also depends on how long you want the emergency food to last. Most of us probably have a 3 days food supply that can sustain us through an emergency, but very few have weeks or months of … Read more

Store Food In Buckets and Save Money

Food Storage Closet

Let’s learn how to store bulk emergency food in buckets. Inexpensive survival food prime for bucket storage may not stay inexpensive, and it may not be available if we have food shortages. There is no doubt the prices are going up, but these foods are still the cheapest way to get prepared for any family … Read more

Can I Store Food In Just Buckets?

Food buckets and #10 Cans

Food-grade buckets are an excellent way to store most foods, especially dry staples like rice, beans, and wheat. If you are looking to store foods for a shorter period, say 1 to 5 years, buckets work great. Buckets alone aren’t enough protection for most dry staples such as rice, beans, and wheat. You can store … Read more

How To Store Food In Buckets For Maximum Shelf-life

Food in buckets

Most of my DIY food storage is in 5-gallon food-grade buckets because buckets are the cheapest, most effective way to store hundreds of pounds of dry staple food quickly and effectively. Buckets are tough, stackable, and relatively inexpensive but it is important to note, especially for preppers working on long-term food storage, that food will … Read more

Eight Types of Survival Food For The Apocalypse

Mountain house stir fried rice

The best survival foods are shelf-stable, meaning they don’t need refrigeration and have a long shelf-life. Different types of survival food are better for specific survival scenarios. The ideal food for a go-pack or bugout bag differs from emergency food for staying put during an emergency. When determining what survival food to buy, consider the … Read more

Supplies to Store for Food Shortages

Hungry woman digging through dumpster

Food shortages occur when there is an economic downturn or an economic collapse. This type of emergency can affect the cost and availability of everything and anything. This article focuses on storing non-food supplies needed to keep a household running during a food shortage or economic downturn. If you haven’t started storing food for shortages, … Read more

15 Foods To Store for Shortages

Cans of spam original

To prepare for food shortages, store foods that don’t require refrigeration and provide a long shelf life. Because of the rising cost of fuel and world events, the cost of everything will go up in 2022. Keep in mind that fuel isn’t just for vehicles. It also goes into manufacturing pesticides, fertilizers, and food packaging. … Read more