Best Emergency Food: Cheap to Expensive

When you first start prepping, choosing the best emergency food for a particular type of emergency or survival situation can be a little challenging. Following is a basic rundown of the best emergency food to fit a specific emergency. The bulk of my survival food stash is dry staples that I’ve packaged myself, but there … Read more

Food For Shortages: Catastrophe Stockpile

Get ready for the possibility of food shortages and start stockpiling food. Worst case scenario, you save money on your food budget and have a solid hoard of food for family emergencies and other catastrophes. Keep in mind that economic collapse, hyperinflation, and currency devaluation might mean that food is available but unaffordable. It’s not … Read more

Foods That Will Last 30 Years

This article covers the cornerstone survival foods with a shelf life from 30 years to indefinite, these hardy foods have proven they can keep civilizations going when times get tough. I’m building the bulk of my long-term emergency food with these dry staples and I suggest you do also. The main drawback to these foods … Read more

Cost To Feed One Person For A Year: Apocalypse Food

How much it costs to feed a person for a year depends on the types of food you store. Yeah, a little obvious. This article will look at the cost of shelf-stable canned foods, dry foods, and professionally packaged emergency food kits to see what it would cost to feed one person for a year. … Read more

How Much Survival Food Do I Need?

How much survival food you need depends on the type of emergency or survival scenario you are most likely to encounter, the number of people in your survival group, and each individual’s age, sex, and activity level. Let’s look at some of my research on how much emergency food to stockpile. You need enough survival … Read more

Cheap Long Term Emergency Food Supply: Epic Dry Staples

The best cheap long-term emergency food supply is also the best food you can store for long-term survival. I’ve spent the last couple of years storing dry staples like white rice, wheat berries, dry beans, and rolled oats to build the biggest emergency food storage possible on a budget. Why are Dry Staple Foods Good … Read more

How Much Food For A Year: Proven Dry Staples

Store food for a year. Store a lot of food. Don’t worry about guns, beans, or bullets until you have long-term emergency food in order. As I write this, there are 9 million people in Venezuela that are food insecure or malnourished, and according to, Venezuela is on the brink of famine. How Much … Read more

Storing Rice In Mylar For Long Term Storage

Using Mylar for storing polished rice long-term is hands down the best method of keeping rice for a maximum thirty-year shelf-life. I say this from the point of view of a person who does their own long-term emergency food storage. Professionally packaged rice in #10 cans is also an excellent method of storing rice long-term. … Read more

How Long Do Beans Last: 16 Top-tier Survival Beans

Dry beans are a core survival and emergency food because of their nutritional value and long shelf-life. When combined with a complimentary food like white rice, another survival food legend, they provide all nine essential amino acids to make a complete protein. Store beans correctly, and they will outlast you. How Long Do Beans Last? … Read more

How To Store Rice In Long Term Storage: By the Numbers

Rice is essential survival or emergency food for long-term storage, and it’s cheap, filling, readily available. It works as a hearty base food for meat, beans, vegetables, and garden produce, and it can be eaten by itself in a pinch. In this article, oxygen-free storage that uses Mylar bags, food-grade buckets, and oxygen absorbers for … Read more