5 Methods to Purify Drinking Water In Emergencies

Clorox Bleach Bottle

Bleach is a simple method to purify your drinking water in an emergency. If you don’t have a method to boil water for disinfection or large quantities of water need disinfecting it is the best choice for cleaning emergency drinking water. If you are nervous about using Clorox to clean your water, know that federal … Read more

12 Natural Disasters & Hazards You Need To Know About

It’s a good idea to know the natural disasters and hazards so you can prepare an emergency plan. I had my plan in place but had to do another plan when I moved. My biggest threat was surviving a power outage during winter. Now it’s surviving a hurricane. This got me thinking that others might … Read more

104 Skills For Survival

The more self-reliant you are, the better off you will be. 104 skills and practices that will make your life easier in an emergency preparedness situation. Some of these skills are pretty cool. Pursue just 1 of these 104 hobbies, and you can become more active and healthy by improving your state of mind or … Read more

Long Term Food Storage: 35 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

You’re not crazy for storing survival food   Emergency food storage has fallen out of fashion over the last century, but the dependence on modern conveniences has made us more susceptible to going hungry if SHTF. If the trucks stopped delivering food to the grocery store, many of us would be in a world of hurt.   … Read more

21 Emergency Water Storage Container Ideas For SHTF

Choosing water containers for your emergency water supply can be a real headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Your emergency water supply can be as simple as store-bought water bottles. Every method of water storage has pluses and minuses. Depending on your budget and storage requirements, there is a water container that’s perfect for … Read more

Charging With No Power

If your reading this either your power went out, it’s going to go out, or you’re preparing for the next power outage. Last month my family’s power went out and we were woefully unprepared. Following is the research I did on how to conserve smart device power and how to plan for the next power … Read more

Pie Iron: Excellent Camp Tool

More than a method to toast sandwiches over hot coals, Pie Irons, have transcended from utilitarian to esteemed. Outdoor cooks around the globe use them to create cooking traditions and to connect with the spirit of outdoor cookery. If you’re looking to add a little spice to a patio bbq, a tailgate party, or a … Read more

Tomato Seeds Not Germinating: 8 Possible Reasons

So your tomato seeds didn’t germinate. You started out optimistic, even excited, to plant your first tomato seeds and then nothing. They never sprouted. Look over the following list to see if you can figure out why your seeds aren’t sprouting and then give it another try. 8 Reasons Tomato Seeds Don’t Germinate: Seeds are … Read more

How Long Will Your Home Stay Warm Without Power?

This year, our family had a winter power outage, and we were unprepared to go without heat; I wondered how long our house would stay warm without power as our central heat is electric. I want to share what I learned about dealing with no heat in a power outage to help with your preparation. … Read more