What Is Freeze-dried Survival Food?

I first ate Freeze-dried food doing a section hike on the Appalachian Trail in Vermont. I looked forward to my nightly freeze-dried dinner. That’s how good some of the meals are. As a lightweight hiking food for long-term storage or emergency preparedness, freeze-dried food is arguably the best choice out there. What Is Freeze-dried Food? … Read more

53 Must-Have Items For Emergency Hygiene

Water is the essential item on your hygiene list for emergency preparedness, for your other hygiene supplies, choose items applicable to the most likely emergency scenario or natural disaster you will face.  If you are making a small hygiene kit for packing-out, keep in mind pack weight. Are you planning to stay put during a … Read more

Tomato Seeds Not Germinating: 8 Possible Reasons

So your tomato seeds didn’t germinate. You started out optimistic, even excited, to plant your first tomato seeds and then nothing. They never sprouted. Look over the following list to see if you can figure out why your seeds aren’t sprouting and then give it another try. 8 Reasons Tomato Seeds Don’t Germinate: Seeds are … Read more

How Long Will Your Home Stay Warm Without Power?

This year, our family had a winter power outage, and we were unprepared to go without heat; I wondered how long our house would stay warm without power as our central heat is electric. I want to share what I learned about dealing with no heat in a power outage to help with your preparation. … Read more