Does Sugar Last Forever? (Top Disaster Food)

25 pound bag sugar

Sugar is an excellent food to store for long-term food emergencies. You can use it to flavor baked goods and preserve and ferment bounties of fruit that would otherwise go bad in the cellar. It’s an excellent apocalypse food. Sugar, specifically white granulated Sugar, will never go bad because it won’t let microbes or bacteria … Read more

GMRS Radios: Best Disaster Comms

GMRS HT Radios

GMRS is the best radio service you can use for disaster communication because it hits that sweet spot between usability, capability, and flexibility. GMRS is a radio service that the average person in a survival group can use and understand. I learned that there is a little bit of a learning curve, but it’s more … Read more

Disaster Communication (11 Radios & Devices)

I am writing this article on disaster communication because I live on the Emerald Coast of Florida and have no emergency communication besides a smartphone. Destin, Florida (my current location) has been hit by hurricanes 58 times since 1930. Poor planning on my part. This is the first comms article, so it will be pretty … Read more

How To Choose A Bug Out Sleeping Bag: 4 Factors to Consider

Choose a bug-out sleeping bag (sleeping system) that will likely maintain core body temperature in the coldest temperatures when bugging out. You can always get cooler by unzipping or laying on top of a bag, but you can’t necessarily add to the insulation factor, so get a bag that is rated a little colder than … Read more

29 Uses For Paracord In A Bug Out Bag (Survival Cord)

Paracord is a great tool to keep in a bug-out bag because it is flexible and can be used in so many survival scenarios. The most common uses for paracord in a bug out bag are for shelter building, but it has many more benefits. With paracord, a survival knife, and found materials make just … Read more

How Big Should a Bug Out Bag Be: The Real Answer

A bug out bag is a backpack filled with all the equipment needed to survive escaping danger on foot. The size of the bag matters because a bag laden with too much gear will slow you down and burn you out. I have experience hiking 10 to 20 miles with heavy packs, which sucks. How … Read more

What is a Bug-out bag: Survival 101

Building a bug-out bag for everyone in a survival group is integral to being ready for disaster. Each person in your group should have survival gear pre-staged in a bag so they can grab it and run out the door. The ultimate goal of having a bug-out bag is to move away from danger as … Read more

18 Foods For The Survival Bunker

These are foods you want to stuff your bunker with because they have a long storage life and are inexpensive. Not all of these foods last forever, but most of them have a decent shelf-life, or they are the best in class. I’m storing all of these foods for emergencies, but the bulk of my … Read more

How Much Food To Store For Emergencies

The amount of food to stockpile per person depends on their age, activity level, and food preferences, but it also depends on how long you want the emergency food to last. Most of us probably have a 3 days food supply that can sustain us through an emergency, but very few have weeks or months … Read more

Store Food In Buckets and Save Money

Let’s learn how to store bulk emergency food in buckets. Inexpensive survival food prime for bucket storage may not stay inexpensive, and it may not be available if we have food shortages. There is no doubt the prices are going up, but these foods are still the cheapest way to get prepared for any family … Read more