Can You Store Ammo In Mylar Bags?

You can expect well-stored ammo to last 50+ years as long as you keep moisture away from the cartridges. I wasn’t so sure if Mylar would work for ammo, so I did some research. Here is what I learned. Mylar protects ammunition from oxygen, water, light, vapors, and chemicals. When sealed, it provides a waterproof … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Grind Wheat By Hand: milling & storing

I recently purchased a Country Living Grain mill for grinding dried goods like wheat and dried beans from my emergency food supply. This article covers how long it took me to grind hard white winter wheat from a #10 can into a fine flour. It was brutal to mill that much wheat in one go. … Read more

Mill Wheat In A Blender If You Must

Blenders aren’t designed for grinding wheat, but they do a surprisingly good job getting it done. A mill designed to mill flour will last longer and do a better job, but you can grind wheat berries into whole wheat flour with a blender. My Country Living Grain Mill is hand-cranked and a tremendous amount of … Read more

How Long Can You Store Dried Field Corn (O2-free storage)

Field corn is used as a grain. It isn’t sweet corn we slather butter on and eat at BBQs. Yellow field corn, also known as Dent corn, is a fantastic addition to your cache of survival food because it has an excellent shelf-life and is can be ground into flour to make MASA flour for … Read more

Will Canned Wheat Sprout?

A follower on YouTube recently asked if wheat stored in a #10 can sprout. This question motivated me to try it and see. It’s much easier than I imagined. Canned wheat will sprout for up to 25 years, as will wheat berries stored in any sealed oxygen-free container kept in a cool, dry, dark location. … Read more

16 Elements Of A Bug-Out-Bag: Bugging Out On Foot

The Bug-out bag (BOB), also called an INCH bag or Go Bag is a pre-packed emergency backpack filled with food, water, shelter, clothing, and equipment, a survival kit for walking away from a natural or manmade disaster. The bag should be pre-packed so you can hit the ground running. A Bug-out-bag bag should provide enough … Read more

How Much Snow Is On My Roof: Snow Calculation And Cleaning

If you live in a winter wonderland, you should learn to calculate how much of that fluffy awesomeness is on your roof. Snow is pretty lightweight, or so it would seem, but two feet of snow on your roof is roughly 19 tons of additional weight. Most roofs are designed to take a lot of … Read more

Don’t Freeze Wheat Before Long Term Storage

To freeze wheat or not to freeze wheat, that is the question. This month I am repackaging 50 lbs of wheat berries into Oxygen-free food-grade buckets. Should I freeze the wheat to kill weevil eggs, or is there a better way? There is definitely a better method of controlling bugs than freezing. Preppers should not … Read more

Best Wheat Berries For Long-Term Storage

Wheat berries are a powerhouse of nutrition capable of storing for decades in your emergency pantry. This article is being written as I plan my own emergency grain storage. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful as you plan yours. Best Wheat Berries For Long-Term Storage Hard wheat berries are the best for long-term storage … Read more

What Foods Can I Store In a 5 Gallon Bucket?

5-gallon food-grade buckets are legendary storage containers for a reason. In the world of prepping and long-term food storage, they provide an excellent oxygen barrier and, if properly stored, keep food from spoiling for decades. I hope this post helps you to use buckets for survival food. Buckets are an excellent choice if you are … Read more