Can I Store Food In Just Buckets?

Food-grade buckets are an excellent way to store most foods, especially dry staples like rice, beans, and wheat. Buckets are tough, so they protect food against physical damage. They also protect food from light oxidation and moisture. Buckets are also stackable and take up less space than other storage containers. Buckets used by themselves are … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Tarp-Tent and Lean-to

Learn how to build a survival shelter with a few rudimentary tools, and you will have a leg-up is SHTF. Many outdoorsmen, long-distance hikers, and military personnel rely on Tarps for emergency shelter because they are lightweight, can be carried from location to location, and are easy to deploy. The tarp is also excellent when … Read more

How To Build A Survival Shelter: Debris Hut

Knowing how to build a rudimentary survival shelter from natural materials is one of those must-have survival skills. Without shelter, it isn’t easy to maintain your core body temperature. A survival shelter is used in an emergency to protect the body from the sun’s heat, insects, wind, rain, snow, and fluctuations in temperature. Let’s get … Read more

Shelters For Survival: Beginner’s Guide

A Survival Shelter is one of the first things you should prepare for in a survival situation. What is a survival shelter? A survival shelter is a simple shelter made from natural or manufactured materials. Its purpose is to keep you alive until you are rescued or reach a safe location with more substantial protection. … Read more

Mylar Bags For Rice Storage (high-speed bulk food containers)

TOP GEAR Mylar bags rock. There isn’t a better way for the do-it-yourself prepper to store hundreds or thousands of pounds of dry staple foods for pending doom. I’ve personally stored hundreds of pounds of dry staples using sealed Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, and I’m still going. Below I’ll help you choose Mylar bags, … Read more

How Much Food For A Year: Proven Dry Staples

Store food for a year. Store a lot of food. Don’t worry about guns, beans, or bullets until you have long-term emergency food in order. As I write this, there are 9 million people in Venezuela that are food insecure or malnourished, and according to, Venezuela is on the brink of famine. How Much … Read more

Cheap Food With a Long Shelf-life

The cheapest foods with the longest shelf-life happen to be the best foods for long-term emergencies. When I’m picking backbone foods I want two things the longest shelf-life without refrigeration and tried and tested. The twenty-seven foods below can be stored in a cool dry root cellar or an air-conditioned closet. 27 Affordable Survival Foods … Read more

Storing Sugar In Long Term Storage

Table sugar is a simple carbohydrate that provides an outstanding source of calories for instant energy, and it is good for palate fatigue and improves morale. It is must-have food in your long-term survival or emergency food storage. Regular old white table sugar is the king of sugars when it comes to long-term food storage. … Read more

Where To Buy Survival Food

Survival food is a big enchilada. It includes pretty much any non-perishable food that won’t spoil without refrigeration. Dry staples like white rice, canned foods like vegetables, fruit, meat, freeze-dried backpacker meals, MREs (meals ready to eat), and commercially packaged emergency kits. All of them are emergency food, and each has a special place in … Read more

Emergency Toilet: Simple DIY Poo Bucket

The Emergency Toilet is for maintaining sanitation when a hurricane hits, or an earthquake, frozen pipes, loss of municipal power. You name it. Any number of emergencies that leave you without water to flush your toilet is a good reason to have a pre-made poop bucket. Where do you poop in an emergency? In an … Read more