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Military Phonetic Alphabet For Radio Comms (A to Z)

Radioman using the Phonetic Alphabet

Military, maritime, aviation, and emergency services use the Phonetic alphabet so there are fewer mistakes in the transmission of critical information. The phonetic alphabet or word spelling alphabet or the international phonetic alphabet is used in operations where clear communication is paramount. If you’ve ever tried giving street directions on the phone that include and … Read more

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Best Emergency Radio For Preppers (GMRS)

Emergency Radioman

The best emergency radio for preppers is General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) because it has repeater capability and isn’t complicated like HAM. Amateur radio (HAM) seems the logical choice for prepper communication, but ham radios are pretty technical. On the other hand, General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is user-friendly and could easily be set up … Read more

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GMRS Radios: Best Disaster Comms

GMRS radios

GMRS radios are the best radio service you can use for disaster communication because it hits the sweet spots between usability, capability, and flexibility. GMRS is a radio service that the average person in a survival group can use and understand. I learned there is a li learning curve, but it’s more about navigating the … Read more

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FRS Radio: Easy-to-use emergency communication

Holding a handheld radio

Family Radio Service (FRS) radios are the most straightforward two-way disaster communication you can get because these walkie-talkie-style handheld radios are simple to use. They are a good starting place to build emergency and disaster communication and learn if you need the more complicated radios like General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and Amateur Radio (HAM.) … Read more

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Prepper’s disaster communication guide

Radio Tower (disaster communication guide)

A Comprehensive disaster communication guide for preppers. Survival communication options and links to FRS, GMRS, and Ham radio articles. What will you do if there is a disaster and your cell phone or landline stops working? The best action plan for emergency coms is to have alternate forms of communication lined up in case you … Read more

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Disaster Communication (11 Radios & Devices For Preppers)

Ham Radio for disaster communication

I am sharing this article on disaster communication because most preppers are woefully underprepared to communicate during a disaster. For example, I live on the Emerald Coast of Florida. I have no emergency communication besides a smartphone, and Destin, Florida (my current location) has been hit by hurricanes 58 times since 1930. Poor planning on … Read more

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How to Conserve Electronic Device Charge and Methods of Charging: Power Outage

lightening over a city

Last month my family’s power went out, and we were woefully unprepared. If you are reading this article, either your power went out, it will go out, or you’re preparing for the next power outage. I found the following information when researching power outages and charging electronic devices. Hopefully, this information helps. 6 Ways To … Read more