How To Build A Survival Shelter: Tarp-Tent and Lean-to

tarp shelter

Learn how to build a survival shelter with a few rudimentary tools, and you will have a leg-up is SHTF. Many outdoorsmen, long-distance hikers, and military personnel rely on Tarps for emergency shelter because they are lightweight, can be carried from location to location, and are easy to deploy. The tarp is also excellent when … Read more

Shelters For Survival: Beginner’s Guide

A Survival Shelter is one of the first things you should prepare for in a survival situation. What is a survival shelter? A survival shelter is a simple shelter made from natural or manufactured materials. Its purpose is to keep you alive until you are rescued or reach a safe location with more substantial protection. … Read more

44 Off-Grid Tools For Emergency Survival

Man in a cherry picker bucket fixing power line

Forty-four useful tools to use off-grid for power-out scenarios, emergencies, or SHTF. In researching this article for my survival preparedness plan, I came across some interesting tools. Some items are obvious, and some aren’t. I hope this information helps you find no-power tools to get the job done. Grain Mill  Use a Hand mill to … Read more