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Characteristics of an Excellent Bug Out Bag Knife

Buck knife and Morakniv survival knife

If you depend on one knife to survive, it must be a jack of all trades, both versatile and practical. One knife is all you have, so it’s got to fill every role. The best bug-out bag knife is a fixed blade made from carbon steel. A survival knife is a personal choice. You will … Read more

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Boiling Sea Water Doesn’t Make It Drinkable

Ocean with boats moored

Boiling Sea Water Doesn’t Make It Drinkable. If you have you ever wondered why people stranded on a desert island or lost at sea can die from dehydration surrounded by all that water?  It’s because there is way too much salt in seawater. Boiling seawater does not make it safe to drink because it does … Read more

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Survival Mindset For Bugging Out

Man sitting in front of a driftwood fire

If you plan on bugging out or surviving a societal collapse you should get familiar with the survival mindset because it is imperative to a positive outcome. I’ve been through some pretty tough training in the military and the great outdoors, so I know one’s state of mind is crucial to the experience. “There is … Read more