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How To Choose A Bug Out Sleeping Bag: 4 Factors to Consider

Woman in sleeping bag

Choose a bug-out sleeping bag (sleeping system) that will likely maintain core body temperature in the coldest temperatures when bugging out. You can always get cooler by unzipping or laying on top of a bag, but you can’t necessarily add to the insulation factor, so get a bag that is rated a little colder than … Read more

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29 Uses For Paracord (Bug-out Bag)

Yellow Paracord

There are 29 uses for Paracord that I think are useful. This cord or cordage is a great tool to keep in a bug-out bag because it is flexible and used in many survival scenarios. The most common uses for Paracord in a bug-out bag are for shelter building, but it has many more benefits. … Read more

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How Big Should a Bug Out Bag Be: The Real Answer

how big should your bug-out bag be

The size of the bug-out bag you choose matters because a bag that is too big will tempt you to carry the emergency gear you don’t need. Too much gear will slow you down and burn you out. I have experience hiking 10 to 20 miles with heavy packs. Believe me when I say you … Read more

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What is a Bug out bag?

Man wearing a bug out bag

Building a bug-out bag for everyone in a survival group is integral to being ready for disaster. Each person in your group should have survival gear pre-staged in a bag so they can grab it and run out the door. The ultimate goal of having a bug-out bag is to move away from danger as … Read more

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Choosing A Bug Out Location

Choosing a bug out location is an important step toward surviving an apocalyptic event such as a societal collapse. Your bug-out location could be the home you already live in, an apartment, or a family retreat. I just moved to the Florida panhandle, so I’ve been looking for land for a bug out location. It … Read more

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.22 vs 9 mm (Bug-out Bag)

.22 revolver 22 lr vs 9 mm effectiveness

Are you trying to choose between the.22 vs 9 mm for Bug-out Bag? At first glance, 9mm seems like the clear choice. It has more kinetic energy and is specifically designed for combat, but 9mm ammo is much heavier than .22lr, and it has some other drawbacks when comparing .22 lr vs 9 mm effectiveness. … Read more

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Essentials of a Bug out Bag

Bug Out Bag

17 essentials of a bug-out bag cover the equipment and the necessary thought process when building a bug-out bag. My BOB is pre-packed with food, water, shelter, clothing, and equipment so I can hit the ground running in an emergency. Let’s look at how to think about packing a go-bag and what to put in … Read more

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Survival Drone: 20 Uses For SHTF and What to Consider For Preparation

Man holding a drone

Survival drones are flying surveillance cameras or eyes in the sky. They have multiple uses pre and post-Apocalypse. Drones replace large search groups and allow surveillance under high-threat situations without risking human life. The downside of drones is you need a way to charge the batteries, and many capabilities are lost without GPS satellites. Still, … Read more

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What Is More Important For Survival Water or Food?

Girl drinking water from a glass

What Is More Important For Survival Water or Food? Water is more important than food when it comes to human survival. The only thing that is more important than water is air. When new preppers start stockpiling for emergencies or natural disasters, their tendency is to focus on food storage or cool survival gear. The … Read more

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Definition of Bug Out: Emergency Preparedness

Bush camp with campfire and tarp shelter

The definition of bug out originates with U.S. troops during WWII but didn’t become common military slang until the Korean War, when it meant to leave a location quickly to escape an enemy force. Simplified, bugging out means a hasty retreat. Preppers similarly use the term. The definition of bug out for emergency preparedness is … Read more