18 Places to Keep Emergency Food Storage

dry staple food stored on homemade shelving

Finding places for emergency food storage can be a challenge if you are limited on storage space. Especially since prime storage location have to be cool, dry, and low in humidity so for many foods an outdoor shed or the garage won’t do. Let’s get down to the list of eighteen places to store emergency … Read more

Prepping for Food Shortages: Beginners Guide

Start prepping for food shortages with affordable survival food like white rice, beans, wheat, and other dry staple food has been tried and tested over thousands of years: they are the best affordable survival food option and have the most extended shelf-life. I personally stockpile every food on this list. Some of them I don’t … Read more

Food To Stockpile For Shortages and Economic Collapse (Top 33)

semi truck on a highway

TOP GEAR Maybe the sky is falling, and perhaps it isn’t. Still, a robust stockpile of food set aside for food shortages or economic collapse is a commodity and an added safety net for any emergency. Stockpiling food for shortages can also save you money by buying food in bulk at a reduced price. I’ve … Read more

Emergency Protein: Top 19 High Protein Survival Foods

survival foods high in protein

Protein is one of the food types you’ll want to store for long and short-term emergencies. The bulk of my protein supply is dry staples like dry beans, wheat berries, rolled oats, and white rice. I also store freeze-dried and canned proteins for short-term emergencies because they are ready to eat and shelf-stable. Plan to … Read more

How much food for a year: proven dry staples

Store food for a year. Store a lot of food. Don’t worry about guns, beans, or bullets until you have long-term emergency food. As I write this, 9 million people in Venezuela are food insecure or malnourished, and according to bread.org, Venezuela is on the brink of famine. How Much Food For a Year? For … Read more

Cheap survival food stockpile you can build yourself

nuclear explosion

The cheap survival food is also the longest-lived and the most proven survival food a prepper can store. When a post-apocalyptic event strikes, dry staple foods stored in oxygen-free containers are the cream of the crop. Our ancestors survived on dry staples, and you can survive on them too. What is Cheap Survival Food? Cheap … Read more

Food for Shortages: Top 37 to Stockpile

#10 cans and other emergency food

This is a monster list of 37 “best food for shortages,” or societal collapse. The list is made up of mostly dry staple food that does not require refrigeration and has a very long shelf-life. Staple foods like rice, beans, and wheat are proven famine food and they are the cheapest, most effective way of … Read more

Cheapest Survival Food: Stockpiling On a Budget

There are two types of cheap emergency food that stand out when it comes to survival food. They make up the bulk of my short and long-term emergency food storage because they are readily available, inexpensive, and provide a safety net when hard times hit. Cheap Emergency food to stockpile for short-term emergencies includes canned … Read more

Hurricane food to store before the storm!

Downed Power Lines

If a hurricane passes through your area, you’ll want a stockpile of nonperishable foods and water to ensure you can eat when there is no running power or water. Don’t get caught unprepared, get started stockpiling a two-week food supply. Next, let’s examine the best hurricane foods. 25 Nonperishable Snacks Ready-to-eat, nonperishable snacks are one … Read more

Best non-perishable food(s) for emergencies

#10 cans

The best non-perishable food for emergencies has an extended shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration to keep them from spoiling. Take a look at the list of food below and build your short-term emergency food supply for natural and man-made disasters. Let’s examine non-perishable snacks, the first list of emergency foods to store Snackfood Most … Read more