How To Store Flour Long and Short-term

White all-purpose flour can be stored short-term in an airtight container, but it can also be stored long-term for emergency storage. Keeping bleached-all-purpose types of flour is pretty straightforward. If you are holding it short-term in your pantry, make sure it’s in an airtight container. If you are storing it long-term, it needs to be … Read more

Flour Or Wheat: Maximum Shelf-life

What is the maximum shelf-life of flour and wheat? That is what you should be asking yourself if you want to be food prepping rockstar. Wheat flour is convenient because it is available almost anywhere but is it the best fit for your survival? Wheat berries are harder to find and take a lot more … Read more

Wheat Storage: Long Term Survival Food

With proper storage, you can preserve wheat for 30 plus years. That’s 3 decades. The most important factor of wheat storage is an oxygen-free environment, and for that, we need to repackage the wheat. Wheat berries are best stored in long-term storage by re-packaging them into containers that protect them from oxygen, moisture, heat, light, … Read more

Wheat VS Flour In Long Term Food Storage

Wheat is the cornerstone of any long-term food pantry. You just have to decide what form of wheat fills that niche. The majority of my survival wheat is wheat berries (whole wheat kernels), not flour because wheat offers superior flexibility, shelf-life, and nutrition. Wheat berries are superior to flour for long-term storage. Cook wheat whole, … Read more