Country Living Hand Grain Mill: Long-term Storage Guide

I recently purchased a country living hand grain mill for grinding dry staples like wheat and dried beans from my emergency pantry. The combination of grain and a mill to make flour is one of the best things you can do for your long-term storage of food. Grain is a famine food and it is … Read more

Dried Field Corn In The Pantry: How to store it

Hanging corn to dry

Dried field corn is a grain. It isn’t sweet corn we slather butter on and eat at BBQs. The most common type is Yellow field corn, also known as Dent corn, which is a fantastic addition to your cache of survival food because it has an excellent shelf-life and can be ground into flour to … Read more

Prepping for Food Shortages: Beginners Guide

Start prepping for food shortages with affordable survival food like white rice, beans, wheat, and other dry staple food has been tried and tested over thousands of years: they are the best affordable survival food option and have the most extended shelf-life. I personally stockpile every food on this list. Some of them I don’t … Read more

Top Protein For Food Storage: Aminos for the Apocalypse

foods high in amino acids

The best protein for food storage doesn’t require refrigeration and has a long shelf-life. There are many excellent choices for emergency storage, but some protein-rich foods are better for short-term emergencies, and some for long-term emergencies. My emergency protein food is beans, white rice, rolled oats, and powdered milk. The best survival protein for emergencies … Read more

Food in a bucket: DIY emergency food on the cheap

Storing food in a bucket, specifically food-grade plastic buckets, is one of the quickest ways to build a mountain of dry staple food for emergencies and to save money. I’ve accumulated hundreds of pounds of beans, rice, and wheat in buckets, and I expect to get at least thirty years of shelf life. Shelf-life of … Read more

Best Emergency Foods To Stockpile: Pros & Cons

When you first start prepping, choosing the best food for a particular emergency or survival situation can be a little challenging. Following is a basic rundown of the best emergency food supply to fit specific conditions. The bulk of my survival food stash is dry staples that I’ve packaged myself, but there are good reasons … Read more

Food Shortages: Catastrophe Stockpile

Get ready for the possibility of food shortages and start stockpiling food. Worst case scenario, you save money on your food budget and have a solid hoard of food for family emergencies and other catastrophes. Keep in mind that economic collapse, hyperinflation, and currency devaluation might mean that food is available but unaffordable. It’s not … Read more

What is a staple food for long-term storage

What is a staple food, and why should you care well, I’ve spent the last couple of years storing dry staples like white rice, wheat berries, dry beans, and rolled oats to build the biggest emergency food storage possible, and I chose staple food because they are proven survival food. Let’s examine the definition of … Read more

How much food for a year: proven dry staples

Store food for a year. Store a lot of food. Don’t worry about guns, beans, or bullets until you have long-term emergency food. As I write this, 9 million people in Venezuela are food insecure or malnourished, and according to, Venezuela is on the brink of famine. How Much Food For a Year? For … Read more

Cheap survival food stockpile you can build yourself

nuclear explosion

The cheap survival food is also the longest-lived and the most proven survival food a prepper can store. When a post-apocalyptic event strikes, dry staple foods stored in oxygen-free containers are the cream of the crop. Our ancestors survived on dry staples, and you can survive on them too. What is Cheap Survival Food? Cheap … Read more