Beans For Long Term Storage: Top Survival Food

Dried beans are one of the best foods you can store for long-term emergencies or survival food. Beans are easy to store, lightweight, and packed with nutrition. They are also a proven staple food. The Greeks, Egyptians, Mexican and Peruvian civilizations depended on dried beans as a significant part of their diet. Why are beans … Read more

How To Preserve Beans In Long-term Storage

When storing beans or other dried goods for long-term storage, we’re really talking about maximizing shelf life by repackaging, usually oxygen-free storage. The cornerstone of long-term survival food storage is dried beans and grains. Ensure you have dried beans on hand for SHTF by learning how to store them for the long haul. It’s super … Read more

Dried vs. Canned Beans For Prepping: Why I Store Mostly Dried Beans

I’ve been storing mostly dried beans for long term storage, but I have collected canned beans for short-term emergencies. Bulk dried beans are superior to canned beans as survival food in long-term storage. They can be boiled, sprouted, planted in the garden, or ground to flour. Dried beans are also less expensive, lighter weight, easier … Read more

Food For Shortages: Catastrophe Stockpile

Get ready for the possibility of food shortages and start stockpiling food. Worst case scenario, you save money on your food budget and have a solid hoard of food for family emergencies and other catastrophes. Keep in mind that economic collapse, hyperinflation, and currency devaluation might mean that food is available but unaffordable. It’s not … Read more