Mylar Bags For Food Storage: Beginners Guide

Mylar bags (MBs) are hands down the best repackaging container for the do-it-yourself prepper. Mylar food storage effectively protects dry staple foods inexpensively. There isn’t a better DIY container for storing dry staple foods long-term. What Are Mylar Bags? Mylar bags are made from thin layers of aluminum-coated plastic sheets of Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET plastic. … Read more

Mylar Bags: The Best DIY Food Storage Container For SHTF

Mylar bags are the best, “Do It Yourself” containers for storing dry foods in long-term storage. Mylar bags provide an excellent oxygen barrier, keep out light and moisture. When used with oxygen absorbers to create an oxygen-free storage environment they kill all stages of bug life within two weeks. Not to mention, Mylar bags are … Read more

Mylar & Buckets Or Just Buckets For Food Storage

If you are asking this question, you are probably preparing dry foods for long-term oxygen-free storage. You might be wondering why you need a food-grade bucket and a Mylar bag. Isn’t this food storage overkill. You do not need buckets when storing dry food with Mylar bags. Properly heat-sealed Mylar with the proper oxygen absorption … Read more